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St. Athan 1982

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Date: 18 September 1982

Made by: Kevin Slade


69-0004		C-5A					USAF	
55-3137		KC-135A			                USAF	
67-14652	OV-10A			                USAF	
XM611		Vulcan B.2		                RAF	
XM650		Vulcan B.2		                RAF	
XM646		Vulcan B.2		                RAF	
XM602		Vulcan B.2		                RAF	
XL387		Vulcan B.2		                RAF	
XJ823		Vulcan B.2		                RAF	
XL391		Vulcan B.2		                RAF	
XM597		Vulcan B.2		                RAF	
XS596		Andover C.1		                RAF	
XS639		Andover E.3A		                RAF	
XV585		Phantom FG.1		                RAF	
XV439	D	Phantom FGR.2		                RAF	
XV433	F	Phantom FGR.2		                RAF	
XV291	291	Hercules C.1		LTW	        RAF	
XV178	178	Hercules C.1		LTW	        RAF	
XV195	195	Hercules C.1		LTW	        RAF	
XH669		Victor K.2			        RAF	
XL161		Victor K.2			        RAF	
XV107	107	VC.10 C.1		10 Sqn	        RAF	
VP977		Devon C2			        RAF	
WR960	60	Shackleton AEW.2	8 Sqn	        RAF	
XT284	H	Buccaneer S.2B			        RAF	
XW201		Puma HC.1			        RAF	
XX612	05	Bulldog T.1		Wales UAS	RAF	
XX626	02	Bulldog T.1		Wales UAS	RAF	
XX627	03	Bulldog T.1		Wales UAS	RAF	
XX628	04	Bulldog T.1		Wales UAS	RAF	
XX625	01	Bulldog T.1		Wales UAS	RAF	
XV245	45	Nimrod MR.1		Kinloss Wing	RAF	
XV253	53	Nimrod MR.2		Kinloss Wing	RAF	
XS726	T	Dominie T.1				RAF	
XR751		Lightning F.3				RAF	
XG252	U	Hunter FGA.9				RAF	
XR504		Wessex HAR.2		22 Sqn		RAF	
XP558		Jet Provost T4		CTTS		RAF	8627M
VM791		Slingsby TX.3 Cadet			RAF	Really XA312
VX275		Slingsby Sedbergh TX.1			RAF	
XR541		Gnat T.1		CTTS		RAF	
ZA721	BF	Chinook HC.1				RAF	
XZ358	L	Jaguar GR.1			        RAF
XZ132	36	Harrier GR.3			        RAF
XX179		Hawk T.1			        RAF
XX353		Hawk T.1			        RAF
XE643		Hunter FGA.9		RAFEF		RAF	Nose only
XX162		Hawk T.1		RAFEF		RAF	Replica
ZA322		Tornado GR1		RAFEF		RAF	Replica
XW408		Jet Provost T.5A			RAF	
XX500	H	Jetstream T.1				RAF	
PA474		Lancaster 1		BoBMF		RAF	
		Meteor			Vintage Pair	RAF	
		Venom			Vintage Pair	RAF	
XZ457		Sea Harrier FRS.1			Royal Navy	
WV908		Sea Hawk FGA.6				Royal Navy	
XR597		Scout AH.1				AAC	
XW987		Buccaneer S.2B				MoD(PE)	
191904		Me163B-1A Komet		St Athan Museum
475081		Fi 156C-7 Storch	St Athan Museum
120227		Heinkel 162A		St Athan Museum
584219		Fw190F-8/U1		St Athan Museum
I-13		Fuji Chaka II		St Athan Museum
5439		Mitsubishi KI-46	St Athan Museum
WL168		Meteor F.8		St Athan Museum
WS843		Meteor NF.14		St Athan Museum
EE549		Meteor F.4		St Athan Museum
WA634		Meteor T.7/8		St Athan Museum
XR243		Auster AOP9		St Athan Museum
WE600		Auster T.7 mod		St Athan Museum
BL614		Spitfire VB		St Athan Museum
WB188		Hunter F.3		St Athan Museum
WK281		Swift FR.5		St Athan Museum
WL505		Vampire FB.9		St Athan Museum
XN341		Skeeter AOP12		St Athan Museum
Z7197		Provost III		St Athan Museum    G-AKZN
MK356	21  V	Spitfire IX		St Athan Museum
WV499		Provost T.1		St Athan Museum
XD674		Jet Provost T.1		St Athan Museum
XR486		Whirlwind HCC.12	St Athan Museum
A-549		IA58 Pucara		Argentine AF	Captured, Falkland Islands
PA-12		SA.330L Puma		Argentine Navy	Captured, Falkland Islands
RT-662		TF-104G			Royal Danish AF	
MT818		Spitfire T.8		G-AIDN
VH-EBJ		Boeing 747-238B		Qantas	"City of Geelong"  (Flypast)

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