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St. Athan 1974

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Date: 14 September 1974

Made by: Alan Macey


XN928     	Buccaneer S.1     4 SoTT   	8179M            
XG327           Lightning F.1     4 SoTT        8188M       
WP905           Chipmunk T.10     4 SoTT        7438M       
WT746           Hunter F.4        4 SoTT        7770M  A    
WV753           Pembroke C.1      4 SoTT        8113M       
XN512           J Provost T.3     4 SoTT                    
XN817           Argosy C.1        A&AEE                     
XX507           BAe 125 CC.2      32 Sq                     
XT669           Wessex HC.2       72 Sq/AT                  
XR506           Wessex HC.2       72 Sq/AV                  
XV725           Wessex HC.2       72 Sq/AC                  
XR524           Wessex HC.2       72 Sq/AF                  
XV723           Wessex HC.2       72 Sq/AQ                  
XP395           Whirlwind HAR.10  22 Sq                     
XV295           Hercules C.1      LTW                       
XN847           Argosy C.1        4 SoTT           	ex 70 Sq 
XF974           Hunter F.4        4 SoTT   	7949M   ex 8 Sq/G
XM411           J Provost T.3     4 SoTT                    
XN554           J Provost T.3     4 SoTT                    
WA634           Meteor T.7        M.Baker                   
WS843           Meteor NF.14               	7937M            
WZ662           Auster AOP.9                                
WV499           Provost T.1                	7698M   P3       
MK356           Spitfire Mk.IX             	5690M            
WL505           Vampire FB.9               	7705M            
XN341           Skeeter AOP.12             	8022M            
VP968     	Devon C.2/2       207 Sq        
K-686           C-47A             Esk 721       
XH897           Javelin FAW.9     A&AEE         
XX480           Jetstream T.1     CFS/33        
XL621           Hunter T.7        4 FTS/81      
XR534           Gnat T.1          4 FTS/65      
XV648           SeaKing HAS.1     706 Sq/591CU  
XW427           J Provost T.5                   
XM612           Vulcan B.2                      
XS734           Dominie T.1       6 FTS/N       
XP820           Beaver AL.1       6 Flt         
XT861           Phantom FG.1      POCU/V        
WD499           Hastings C.2      RRE           
XX514           Bulldog T.1            44       
XH645           Victor K.1A       Dump          
                Hunter F.1        Dump          
WV703           Pembroke C.1      4 SoTT   	8108M
WV743           Pembroke C.1      4 SoTT        8112M
WV704           Pembroke C.1      4 SoTT        8109M
WV741           Pembroke C.1      4 SoTT        8110M
XM833     	Wessex HAS.3      737 Sq/656PO           
XT779           Wasp HAS.1        829 Sq/462RO           
XW860           Gazelle HT.2      705 Sq/64CU            
XX145           Jaguar T.2        JOCU/H                 
XV360           Buccaneer S.2     237 OCU/A              
XM594           Vulcan B.2        Wadd Wg                
XV230           Nimrod MR.1       236 OCU                
XL111           Whirlwind HAR.10  4 SoTT   	8000M         
XN972           Buccaneer S.1     4 SoTT        8181M         
XN930           Buccaneer S.1     4 SoTT        8180M    LM632
XN953           Buccaneer S.1     4 SoTT        8182M         
XK862           Pembroke C.1      4 SoTT        8194M         
WP845           Chipmunk T.10     Northumbrian UAS       
WT490           Canberra T.4      rear fuselage          
WH841           Canberra T.4      rear fuselage          
WH637           Canberra T.4      rear fuselage          
WP962           Chipmunk T.10     3 AEF/V                
WG362           Chipmunk T.10     RAFC                   
WP857           Chipmunk T.10     Wales/24               
WK553           Chipmunk T.10     Wales                  
WP899           Chipmunk T.10     Wales                  
XX625           Bulldog T.1       Wales/45               
XX627           Bulldog T.1       Wales/47               
XX628           Bulldog T.1       Wales/48               
WG556           Shackleton MR.2   Dump   B               
WA591     	Meteor T.7                 	7917M
XP827     	Beaver AL.1
584219    	Fw.190F           Museum
360043    	Ju.88R    
475081          Fi.156C   
MM5701          Fiat CR.42
4101            Bf.109    
494083          Ju.87G    
730301          Bf.110G   
701152          He.111H   

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