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Bowood House 1981

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Date: 24 June 1981

Made by: Tony Lowther


Nimrod MR.1             XV252                       201 Sqn/RAF 
KC-130H                 TC-70                       1 Brigada Aerea/Argentine AF 
C-130E                  A97-168                     37Sqn/RAAF 
CP-140 Aurora           140110                      VP-405/Canadian AF 
Atlantic                MM40111                     41St/Italian AF 
F-27M                   D2-03                       802 Esc/Spanish AF 
HC-130H                 64-14853                    305ARRS/USAF AFRES 
HC-130H                 65-0974                     102ARRS/USAF NY ANG 
HC-130N                 69-5827                     67ARRS/USAF 
P-3A                    150526/LW-6                 VP-68/US Navy 
S-3A                    159768/AA-701               VS-30/US Navy (USS Forrestal) 
HS.748 Coastguarder     G-BDVH 
BN-2T Islander          G-BPBN 
Partenavia P68B         G-SPOT                      (Rotary Wing) 
Seaking HAR.3           ZA105                       202Sqn/RAF 
Wessex HAR.2            XR501                       22 Sqn/RAF 
Wessex HU.5             XT466/528-CU                771 Sqn/RN 
Wessex HU.5             XT471/524-CU                771 Sqn/RN 
Gazelle AH.1            XX444/K                     AAC/ARWS 
Lynx AH.1               XZ210/F                     AAC/ARWS 
Seaking Mk.48           RS-05                       40Sml/Belgian AF 
Alouette III            M-439                       Esk 722/RDAF 
Sikorsky S-61           U-280                       Esk 722/RDAF 
Super Frelon            122/D                       32F/French Navy 
Seaking Mk.43           062                         330 Skv/Norwegian AF 
HH-53C                  69-5796                     67ARRS/USAF 
Ecureuil                G-PORR 

Wessex HU.5             XS498/WQ-VL                 707 Sqn/RN 
Jet Ranger              G-AWGU 

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