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Biggin Hill 1996(2)

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Date: 15 September 1996

Made by:


WB271/R-204	Firefly AS 5 		RNHF
WR410 		Venom FB 54  		Private (G-BLKA)
XW428 		Jet Provost T4 		Private (G-TOMG)
ES-YLM/12	L-29                    Private
ZD345/12	Harrier GR7		20(R)SQN
ZD463/53	Harrier GR7		20(R)SQN
XV306 		Hercules C1 		LTW
ZG845 		Islander AL1 		AFWF
XX965/C		Jaguar GR1A 		16(R)SQN
ZD580/710	Sea Harrier F/A2 	899 SQN
ZD582/718	Sea Harrier F/A2 	899 SQN
AT03 		Alpha Jet 		FAB 9 Wing
AT25 		Alpha Jet 		FAB 9 Wing
CS03 		HS-748 			FAB 21 Sml
FA74  		F16A  			FAB 23 Sml
ST22 		SF260MB 		FAB 5 Sml
ST32 		SF260MB 		FAB 5 Sml
ST35 		SF260MB 		FAB 5 Sml
59/33-FB	Mirage F1C		FAF EC 03.033
62/33-FD	Mirage F1C		FAF EC 03.033
52/33-FK	Mirage F1C		FAF EC 03.033
F218/64-GR	C-160NG  		FAF ET2/64
10x  		Alpha Jet  		FAF Patrouille de France
MM62144/46-98	G-222 			AMI 46 BA
11x  		MB-339A  		Frecce Tricolori

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