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Biggin Hill 1973(2)

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Date: 15 September 1973

Made by: John Dyer


XR382 		Alouette AH2 		14Flt
XN814 		Argosy E1 		115Sqdn
XX539/46 	Bulldog T1 		CFS
XH137 		Canberra PR9 		39Sqdn
KF183 		Harvard T2 		A&AEE            
XS219/29 	Jet Provost T4 		CAW
XW336/6 	Jet Provost T5 		RAFC "Poachers"
XW357/5 	Jet Provost T5 		RAFC "Poachers"
WL349 		Meteor T7		229OCU
WG511 		Shackleton T4 		71MU (nose only)
WR965 		Shackleton AEW2 	8Sqdn
N9238 		Tiger Moth 		(G-ANEL)
XT610 		Twin Pioneer CC2 	ETPS
WJ902/C 	Varsity T1 		5FTS
XA893 		Vulcan B1 		71MU (nose only)

XN962 		Buccaneer S1 		(nose only - marked "XM962")
WK584 		Chipmunk T10 		(forward fuselage only - 7556M)
XT798 		Sioux AH1
TE311 		Spitfire LFXVI

G-AWBJ 		Fournier RF-4D          
G-AWEF          Stampe                  
G-AWGN          Fournier RF-4D          
G-AWPH          Provost T1              
G-AWPZ          BA-4B                   
G-AXDH          Islander 		(para dropping)
G-AZLE          Stearman                
G-AZPH          Pitts                   
G-BAFH          Harvard                 
XS596 		Andover C1 		46Sqdn
XL639 		Britannia C1 		99/511Sqdns
XT283/R-023 	Buccaneer S2C 		809Sqdn
WK163 		Canberra B2 		RRE
XH176 		Canberra PR9 		39Sqdn
WD391/14 	Chipmunk T10 		Southampton UAS
WG482/12        Chipmunk T10            Southampton UAS
WK630/15        Chipmunk T10            Southampton UAS
WP781/16        Chipmunk T10            Southampton UAS
WP840/10        Chipmunk T10            Southampton UAS
WP851/11        Chipmunk T10            Southampton UAS
XS714 		Dominie T1 		CAW    
XV753           Harrier GR1 		233OCU
XV756           Harrier GR1             233OCU
9x		Hawk T1			Red Arrows
XE627/61 	Hunter F6 		229OCU
XF382/40        Hunter F6               229OCU
XF516/49        Hunter F6               229OCU
XG225/58        Hunter F6               229OCU
PZ865/DT-A 	Hurricane 		BoBMF
XW352/3 	Jet Provost T5 		RAFC "Poachers"
XW359/4         Jet Provost T5          RAFC "Poachers"
XW360/1         Jet Provost T5          RAFC "Poachers"
XW363/2         Jet Provost T5          RAFC "Poachers"
XW373/11 	Jet Provost T5          RAFC "Poachers"
XM192 		Lightning F1A 		Wattisham TFF
WA669 		Meteor T7 		CFS
XV235 		Nimrod MR1 		236OCU
XV580/Q 	Phantom FG1 		43Sqdn
4x		Phantom FGR2		226OCU
XV126 		Scout AH1 		D&TS
XV697/PO-593 	Sea King HAS1 		706Sqdn
XT134 		Sioux AH1 		"Blue Eagles"
XT193           Sioux AH1 		"Blue Eagles"
XT206           Sioux AH1 		"Blue Eagles"
XT242           Sioux AH1 		"Blue Eagles"
XW192           Sioux AH1 		"Blue Eagles"
AB910/QJ-J 	Spitfire IIB 		BoBMF
XV104 		VC10 C1 		10Sqdn
XH667 		Victor B(K)1A 		214Sqdn
XL388 		Vulcan B2 		617Sqdn
XT419/471 	Wasp HAS1 		829Sqdn/HMS Phoebe
XM841/PO-510 	Wessex HAS1 		771Sqdn
XT671/AD 	Wessex HC2 		72Sqdn
XP350 		Whirlwind HAR10 	22Sqdn
FX-54 		F-104G 			Belg A/F "Slivers"
FX-83 		F-104G 			Belg A/F "Slivers"

D-EASI 		Rallye       
D-EEXO          Cessna 172   
D-EGWF          FWP149D      
D-EMBS          Cessna 172   
D-EMOP          PA-22        
D-KCIB          Fournier RF-5
F-BIJR          CP301        
HB-EHO          Bonanza      
XS792 		Andover CC2 32Sqdn
XS780 		Bassett CC1 207Sqdn
VP958 		Devon C2/2 26Sqdn 

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