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Biggin Hill 1970

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Date: 21 June 1970

Made by:


K9942/SD-V	Spitfire I 		71MU        
LF738           Hurricane IIC 		Gate Guard    
LS326/5A        Swordfish		FAAHF          
PZ865           Hurricane IIC 		BoB Flight    
SL674           Spitfire LFXVI		Gate Guard   
XJ576/E         Sea Vixen FAW2 		899Sqdn
XJ580/E-131     Sea Vixen FAW2 		899Sqdn
XK740           Gnat F1 		71MU                
XL450/BY-764    Gannet AEW3 		849Sqdn  
XP504 		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows
XR540 		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows
XR545 		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows
XR986 		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows
XR991 		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows
XR993 		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows
XR994 		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows
XR996 		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows
XS107 		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows
XS111 		Gnat T1 		Red Arrows
XS119/PO527	Wessex HAS3 		737Sqdn     
XT461/D/CU      Wessex HAS3		846Sqdn       
XS566/470       Wasp HAS1 		829Sqdn/HMS Naiad
XT863/VL-150    Phantom FG1 		767Sqdn     
XT864/VL-151    Phantom FG1 		767Sqdn     
XV190           Hercules C1 		24/36Sqdns         
XV361/E-106     Buccaneer S2 		800Sqdn     
XV866/LM-324    Buccaneer S2 		809Sqdn    
XV661/CU-96     Sea King HAS1 		706Sqdn    
MT-5 		CM170 			Belg AF CPV
MT-11 		CM170 			Belg AF CPV
MT-12 		CM170 			Belg AF CPV
MT-15 		CM170 			Belg AF CPV
MT-18 		CM170 			Belg AF CPV
MT-21 		CM170 			Belg AF CPV
MT-23 		CM170 			Belg AF CPV
52+88 		N2501D 			WGAF LTG-61

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