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Biggin Hill 1967(2)

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Date: 16 September 1967

Made by: David Miller


730301			Me110C-9		Museum		Hanger Display         
BT474		        Fiat CR42	        Museum		Hanger Display         
.....	"GH-12"	        Me 109		        Museum		Hanger Display         
191659		        Me 163		        Museum		Hanger Display         
MF628		        Wellington T.10	        Museum		Hanger Display         
NP181		        Proctor IV	        Museum	                       
733682		        FW190A-3	        Museum	                       
XE670		        Hunter F.4	        		nose & cockpit only    
NX611		        Lancaster B.1	        G-ASXX	                       
WH166	27	        Meteor T.7	        CFS	                       
XB261		        Beverley C.1	        A &AEE Boscombe Down	       
XP441		        Argosy C.1	        267 Sqn.	               
WT503		        Canberra PR.7	        58 Sqn.	                       
XJ825		        Vulcan B.2	        	                       
XB269	F	        Beverley C.1	        47 Sqn.	                       
WV734		 	Pembroke C.1	        Metropolitan Comunications Sqn.
XS735		        Domini T.1	        CAW	                       
WZ876	F	        Chipmunk T.10	        London UAS	               
XS776		        Basset CC.1	        Southern Comunications Sqn.	
XT138	X	        Sioux HT.1	        CFS	                       
XT246	13	        Sioux HT.1	        AAC	                       
2345 ( G-ATVP )		FB.5 Gunbus		Replica	
XG544			Sycamore HR.14		Metropolitan Comunications Sqn.	
XP347	D	        Whirlwind HAR.10	22 Sqn.	               
XM330		        Wessex HAS.1		RAE	                       
XS887	403FI	        Wessex HAS.2	        829 Sqn.	       
XT415	464	        Wasp HAS.1	        829 Sqn.	       
XS211	14	        Jet Provost T.4	        CAW "The Macaws"	
XS214	17	        Jet Provost T.4	        CAW "The Macaws"	
XR704	28	        Jet Provost T.4	        CAW "The Macaws"	
XS216	19	        Jet Provost T.4	        CAW "The Macaws"	
XP575	33	        Jet Provost T.4	        CAW "The Macaws"	
XM360	71	        Jet Provost T.3	        CFS	               
XN640	74	        Jet Provost T.3	        CFS	               
XS217	50	        Jet Provost T.4	        CFS	               
XT205	F	        Sioux HT.1	        CFS	               
XT814	A	        Sioux HT.1	        CFS	               
XT247	L	        Sioux HT.1	        CFS	               
XT250	K	        Sioux HT.1	        CFS	               
WJ568		        Canberra T.4	        231 OCU	               
XG199	44	        Hunter F.6	        229 OCU	               
XM188		        Lightning F.1A	        226 OCU	               
XS638		        Andover C.1	        46 Sqn.	               
XR140		        Argosy C.1	        114 Sqn.	       
4x                      F-100			USAF       	Flypast	
4x                      RF-101 			USAF       	Flypast	
XP750	H		Lightning F.6		111 Sqn.	            
XP754	X	        Lightning F.6	        111 Sqn.	            
XP742	L	        Lightning F.6	        111 Sqn.	            
XP706		        Lightning F.6	        111 Sqn.	            
XR534	93	        Gnat T.1	        CFS	                    
WR973	U	        Shackleton MR.3	        201 Sqn.	            
XV181		        Hercules C.1	        36 Sqn.	                    
XH616		        Victor B.2	        57 Sqn.	                    
XM653		        Vulcan B.2	        Cottesmore Wing	            
XN398		        Britannia C.1	        99/511 Sqn.	            
XT285	653/LM	        Buccaneer	        736 Sqn.	            
XJ610	254/V	        Sea Vixen FAW.2	        899 Sqn.	            
LS326	5A	        Swordfish	        FAAHF	                    
V-18			Stampe SV.4B	        EVS   Goetsenhoeven    F.A.B
V-28			Stampe SV.4C	        EVS   Goetsenhoeven    F.A.B
CP-44	OT-CED	        C-119G			15 Wing.    F.A.B	            
XR986		        Gnat T.1		"The Red Arrows"	    
XR987		        Gnat T.1		"The Red Arrows"    
XR991		        Gnat T.1	        "The Red Arrows"  
XR993		        Gnat T.1	        "The Red Arrows"  
XR995		        Gnat T.1	        "The Red Arrows"  
XR996		        Gnat T.1	        "The Red Arrows"  
XS111		        Gnat T.1	        "The Red Arrows"  

Also on Airfield:
G-AJPR			D.H.Dove 1	    
G-AOES		        TigerMoth	    
G-APTS		        Chipmunk Mk.22A	    
G-ARXS		        F1A Aircoupe	    
G-ASRW		        Cherokee 180	    
G-AVPK			MS892A Commodore 150
G-AVRF		        H.S.125 SRS.3	    
N3656T		        Mustang	            

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