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Biggin Hill 1963

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Date: 14 September 1963

Made by: John Chapman


53-5055		T-33A			USAF (20th FBW, Weathersfield)
57-0464		C-130A			 (322nd AD, Evreux)
unk		SE-5A			"B4563"
N5912		Sopwith Triplane	ex FAA
WP803		Chipmunk T.10		RAF (G)
WP855		Chipmunk T.10		RAF (RAFFC/15, Cranwell)
WP871		Chipmunk T.10		RAF (SUAS, Hamble)
WR983		Shackleton MR.3		RAF (206 sqdn.F, St Mawgan)
XD229		Scimitar F.1		RAE, Farnborough
XG462		Belvedere HC.1		RAF (66 sqdn/H, Odiham)
XH967		Javelin FAW.8		RAF (41 sqdn/L, Wattisham)
XH968		Javelin FAW.8		RAF (41 sqdn/P, Wattisham)
XH969		Javelin FAW.8		RAF (41 sqdn/J, Wattisham)
XH978		Javelin FAW.8		RAF (41 sqdn/E, Wattisham)
XH985		Javelin FAW.8		RAF (41 sqdn/U, Wattisham)
XJ426		Whirlwind HAR.10	RAF (22 sqdn)
XL578		Hunter T.7		RAF (229-OCU/ES-89, Chivenor
XM171		Lightning F.1A		RAF (56 sqdn/A, Wattisham)
XM178		Lightning F.1A		RAF (56 sqdn/H, Wattisham)
XM187		Lightning F.1A		RAF (56 sqdn/D, Wattisham)
XH715		Victor B.2		RAF (100 sqdn, Wittering)
XP530		Gnat T.1		RAF (CFS/97, Little Rissington)
XP549		Jet Provost T.4		RAF (CFS/40, Little Rissington)
XP571		Jet Provost T.4		RAF (CFS/47, Little Rissington)
XP639		Jet Provost T.4		RAF (CFS/53, Little Rissington)
XR135		Argosy C.1		RAF (267 sqdn, Benson)
XR499		Wessex HC.2		RAF (1 FTU, Odiham)
XR502		Wessex HC.2		RAF (1 FTU, Odiham)
Nr191904	Me-163			AHB
Nr360043	Ju-88R-1		AHB
Nr701152	He-111H			AHB
Nr730301	Bf-110G-4		AHB
Nr733682	Fw-190A-3		AHB
MM5701		Fiat CR.42		AHB
unk		Bf-109E-4		AHB
unk		Ki-46-III (Dinah)	AHB

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