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G├╝tersloh 1982

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Date: 28 August 1982

Made by:

Updated: 14 June 2005

XV738     AB          HARRIER GR.3                 NO.3 SQN 
XZ993     AU          HARRIER GR.3                 NO.3 SQN 
XV782     C           HARRIER GR.3                 NO.4 SQN 
XZ990     H           HARRIER GR.3                 NO.4 SQN 
XV790     S           HARRIER GR.3                 NO.4 SQN 
XW227     DN          PUMA HC.1                    NO.230 SQN 
79-0071   BT          F-15C                        36TFW/53TFS 
79-0053   BT          F-15C                        36TFW/53TFS 
..-0051	  UH	      F-111E			   20TFW
104796		      CF-104 			   RCAF
1x		      Mirage F1C		   Armee de l'Air
35+..		      RF-4E 			   Luftwaffe
41+51		      Alpha Jet 		   Luftwaffe
MM..../53-03 	      F-104G			   53 Stormo
MM..../53-20	      F-104			   53 Stormo
65-10594  594         F-5B                         SKV.336 
          243	      F-5B			   SKV.336
1x		      G91R			   Portuguese AF
1804                  G91T4                        GO62/ESC.301 
FB03		      F-16B 			   10W 
FX20 		      F-104G 			   10W
FX99 		      F-104G 			   31sm/10W

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