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Pferdsfeld 1994

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Date: 1 October 1994

Made by:


E-197                 F-16A        Esk723, nb
ET-022                F-16B        Esk723, Esk726 mks
2502                  F-104G       preserved
2904                  MiG-29       JG73
3706, 3709            F-4F         JBG35
3736, 3744, 3745      F-4F         JBG35
3796                  F-4F         JG74
4531                  Tornado IDS  MFG2
4651                  Tornado ECR  JBG32
7077                  UH-1D        LTG61
8078                  Bo105M       HFR35
8428                  CH-53G       HFR35
9909                  G91R-3       preserved
MM6465/8-24           G91Y         101øGr
MM7112/51-52          AMX          103øGr
LX-N90443             E-3A         NAEWF
64                    MiG-29UB     1PLM, c/n N50903014664
SP-KWC                An-26        nn
9013                  Su-25K       30BILP
XS736/S               Dominie T1   6FTS
XX250                 Hawk T1A     nb
XX497/F               Jetstream T1 45(R)sq
ZF413                 Tucano T1    nn
D-EDPF                PA-18-95

Parachute display hangar:
3729                  F-4F         JBG35

Small hangar:
3750                  F-4F         JBG35

3733, 3746, 3838      F-4F         JBG35

3303                  G91R-3       gate guard
MM6487/8-47           G91Y         101øGr
MM7111/51-..          AMX          103øGr
XX500/H               Jetstream T1 45(R)sq

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