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Weeze 2008

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Date: 30 April/1 May 2008

Made by: Scramble


FX52 			F-104G 		pres tiger c/s   
KG101 		        F-104G 		pres ex 23+27    
44+70 		        Tornado IDS 	JBG31       
ZD403/32 	        Harrier GR7 	4sq/nmks    
ZD410/- 	        Harrier GR9 	4sq spec mks
ZD435/47 	        Harrier GR9 	4sq         
ZD438/50 	        Harrier GR9 	4sq         
XX263/263 	        Hawk T1A 	208(R)sq       
D-ECBW 		        P149D 		ex Germany 92+19  
F-GIBN 		        MH1521M 	ex France 261   
PH-ENJ 		        PA-18-135 	as KLu "R-170"
PH-SLO 		        S11-1 		ex KLu E-38       

ZA947/AI 		Dakota III 	BoBMF #     
LF363/YB-W 	        Hurricane IIc 	BoBMF #  
PS915 		        Spitfire PR19 	BoBMF #  
ZJ922/QO-C 	        Typhoon F2 	3sq         
D-FOAB 		        PZL-106AR 	as DDR-TAB   
D-FONL "DM-SKL"         An-2T 		ex DDR 888       
F-AZKM 		        OV-10B 		ex Germany 99+24
G-CBSS 		        Yak-52 		private         
N13FY 		        AT-6A 		ex Sweden 16291  
N167F "414450/B6-S" 	P-51D 		ex 44-73877
N320SQ 			TB-25N 		as KLu "42-32511"
N9912H                  B75N1 		private            
OE-AWW                  N2S-5 		private            
OO-YUG                  Zlin 526M 	ex Yugoslavia  
PH-ACG                  S11-1 		ex MLD 179/K       
PH-AFS                  S11-1		ex KLu E-14        
PH-HOG                  S11-1		ex KLu E-39        
PH-HOK                  S11-1		ex KLu E-29        
PH-IIB                  AT-16 		ex KLu B-118       
PH-KHV                  Beech D18S 	as KLu "G-29" 
PH-PBY                  PBY-5A 		as MLD "16-218" # 
PH-RLA/A 		Saab 91D 	RLS
PH-TBR 			AT-16 		ex KLu B-182
RA-3326K 		Yak-52 		private
# = 1 May only

Helicopter pleasure flights:
D-HASA 			Bell 206L3 	Rhein Ruhr Helicop.
D-HMUG 			Bo105C 		Rhein Ruhr Hel. #

Regular traffic:
EI-DCL 			B737-8AS 	Ryanair spec c/s
EI-DCN, EI-DLC 		B737-8AS 	Ryanair
EI-DPC, EI-DPK 		B737-8AS 	Ryanair

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