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Wildenrath 1978

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Date: 8 June 1978

Made by: Willy Metze, Ron Nieuwland, Airnieuws, Uwe Steenweg

Updated: 3 June 2004

XZ366	  2/H	      JAGUAR GR.1		   RAF
XZ374     CA          JAGUAR GR.1                  NO.20 SQN 
XZ375     CB          JAGUAR GR.1                  NO.20 SQN 
XZ381     CD          JAGUAR GR.1                  NO.20 SQN 
XZ378     CH          JAGUAR GR.1                  NO.20 SQN 
XZ393     CP          JAGUAR GR.1                  NO.20 SQN 
XZ106     E           JAGUAR GR.1                  NO.2 SQN 
XZ103     I           JAGUAR GR.1                  NO.2 SQN 
XZ107     R           JAGUAR GR.1                  NO.2 SQN 
XZ105     Y           JAGUAR GR.1                  NO.2 SQN 
72-1128   37+18       F-4F                         JABOG35 
72-1152   37+42       F-4F                         JABOG35 
72-1176   37+66       F-4F                         JABOG35 
72-1252   38+42       F-4F                         JABOG35 
72-1268   38+58       F-4F                         JABOG35 
72-1187   37+77       F-4F                         JABOG36 
72-1227   38+17       F-4F                         JABOG36 
72-1247   38+37       F-4F                         JABOG36 
72-1251   38+41       F-4F                         JABOG36 
72-1283   38+73       F-4F                         JABOG36 
69-7469   35+22       RF-4E                        AKG51 
69-7475   35+28       RF-4E                        AKG51 
69-7522   35+75       RF-4E                        AKG51 
69-7533   35+86       RF-4E                        AKG51 
69-7534   35+87       RF-4E                        AKG51 
M7067     21+98       F-104G            (E)        JABOG33 
M7075     22+05       F-104G            (C)        JABOG33 
F8144R    24+06       F-104G            (D)        JABOG33 
S9128     26+03       F-104G            (B)        JABOG33 
S9145     26+11       F-104G            (A)        JABOG33 
	  58+75	      Do-28D			   JABOG35
68-0507   HR          F-4E              (D)        50TFW 
68-0517   HR          F-4E              (B)        50TFW 
68-0529   HR          F-4E              (C)        50TFW 
68-0532   HR          F-4E              (E)        50TFW 
69-0245   HR          F-4E              (A)        50TFW 
68-0565   ZR          RF-4C                        26TRW 
68-0567   ZR          RF-4C                        26TRW 
68-0568   ZR          RF-4C                        26TRW 
66-0421   AR          RF-4C                        10TRW 
67-0469   AR          RF-4C                        10TRW 
104805    805         CF104G            (B)        1.CAG 
104842    842         CF104G            (C)        1.CAG 
104845    845         CF104G            (D)        1.CAG 
104868    868         CF104G            (A)        1.CAG 
104869    869         CF104G            (E)        1.CAG 
K3023                 NF-5A             (D)        NO.314 SQN 
K3047                 NF-5A             (E)        NO.314 SQN 
K3058                 NF-5A             (C)        NO.314 SQN 
K3061                 NF-5A             (A)        NO.314 SQN 
K3069                 NF-5A             (B)        NO.314 SQN 
D8059                 RF-104G                      NO.306 SQN 
D8119                 RF-104G                      NO.306 SQN 
D8143                 RF-104G                      NO.306 SQN 
D8273                 RF-104G                      NO.306 SQN 
S9064     FX30        F-104G            (E)        10EME WG 
S9103     FX60        F-104G            (D)        10EME WG 
S9108     FX65        F-104G            (B)        10EME WG 
S9131     FX76        F-104G            (A)        10EME WG 
S9176     FX100       F-104G            (C)        10EME WG 
304       BR04        MIRAGE VBR        (I)        2EME WG/42SMALDEEL 
310       BR10        MIRAGE VBR        (II)       2EME WG/42SMALDEEL 
319       BR19        MIRAGE VBR        (III)      2EME WG/42SMALDEEL 
323       BR23        MIRAGE VBR        (IV)       2EME WG/42SMALDEEL 
XT901     B           PHANTOM FGR.2                NO.19 SQN 
XV480     Z           PHANTOM FGR.2                NO.92 SQN 
XV779     P           HARRIER GR.MK.1A             NO.3 SQN 
XV793     R           HARRIER GR.MK.1A             NO.3 SQN 
L5911     27+82       TF-104G                      JABOG32 
XS794                 ANDOVER CC.2                 NO.32 SQN 
WV701                 PEMBROKE C.MK.1              NO.60 SQN 
XK884                 PEMBROKE C.MK.1              NO.60 SQN 
XL952                 PEMBROKE C.MK.1              NO.60 SQN 
XP849		      SCOUT AH.1		   AAC
XX439		      GAZELLE AH.1		   AAC


Additional aircraft noted on 12 June:
	  38+33	      F-4F		(E)	   JABOG36
	  70+73	      UH-1D			   GAF
	  71+12       UH-1D			   GAF
	  71+44       UH-1D			   GAF
XZ101	  2/S	      JAGUAR GR.1		   RAF
XT899	  T	      PHANTOM FGR.2		   RAF
XV411	  S	      PHANTOM FGR.2		   RAF
XF799		      PEMBROKE			   RAF
XR502		      WESSEX			   RAF
XX437		      GAZELLE			   AAC
XX449		      GAZELLE			   AAC

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