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Hannover 1962

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Date: 7 May 1962

Made by:


MM80243		Bell 47J-3				      
MM80264	        Bell 47G-3B				      
MM54174	        MB.326				              
AA-268	        Magister				177	      
BD-105	        Fiat G-91T-3				91.2.0005	
GA-396	        Piaggio P.149D				047	      
KD-306		Fiat G-91R-3		Luftwaffe	91-316
KE-320	        F-104G			Luftwaffe	7020	      
LC-103	        Sycamore 52				13459	      
QA-469	        H-34A			Wehrmacht	58-1098	      
QK-569	        H-21C			Wehrmacht	WG30	      

XL763		Skeeter AOP.12				S2/5075	
XL931		Pembroke C.1				P66/95	
52-10748A	Beech C-45R				AF.678	
GR-233		Noratlas				D.8

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