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Bonn-Hangelar 2001

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Date: 17 June 2001

Made by: Scramble, Hans van der Vlist


Static (hangar 2):
D-HBJP		SA318C		BGS West, c/n 2105
D-HVBA	        EC135T1		BGS West, c/n 0145    
D-HLTJ	        EC155B		BGS West  
D-HGSG	        Bo105S	        BMI
D-HAQA	        UH-1D		BGS West             
D-HEGC	        AS332L1		BGS West, c/n 2268    
D-HAXL	        SA330J		BGS West        
D-HARZ	        Bell 212	BGS West

D-HVBB		EC135T1		BGS West, c/n 0146         
D-HAXA	        SA330J		BGS West
D-HAXU	        SA330J		BGS West, c/n 1596         
D-HALS	        Bell 212	BGS West, c/n 30575
D-HLTI	        EC155B		BGS West       
D-HGSC	        Bo105S	        BMI

Hangar 3 (Fliegerwerft):
D-HLRZ		EC155B		BGS West, c/n 6545    
D-HHPP	        Bell 212	BGS Nord
D-HIPP	        Bell 212	BGS Nord
D-HAXK	        SA330J		BGS Sud, c/n 1442    
D-HAXN	        SA330J		BGS Ost, c/n 1499    
D-HEGB	        AS332L1		BGS West, c/n 2265    

Hangar 1 (not open):
D-HLTH?	        EC155B		BGS

Stored near aeroclub:
(D-HBZA)	UH-1D		orange c/s, c/n 8362
(D-HBZB)	UH-1D		orange c/s, c/n 8346
(D-HBZD)	UH-1D		orange c/s, c/n 8356
(D-HAQE)	UH-1D		green c/s, c/n 8057
(D-HBZF)	UH-1D		orange c/s, c/n 8328
C/n 8057 had a green tail which belonged to c/n 8054 (D-HALO).
C/n 8328 had the green tail of c/n 8057 (D-HAQE).

D-HBJI		SA318C		pres gate, c/n 2113
7617		SE3130		trav exh as 'D-BGS'
564	        MiG-23MF	stored    
636	        Mi-8T		stored            
829	        MiG-21SPS	stored    
EB319	        RF-84F		stored, as "ED119"

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