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Ramstein 1979

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Date: 5 August 1979

Made by: Martin Herbert, Ron Nieuwland

Updated: 15 January 2000

1116/F                S-105Öe                  AustrAF 
FA-01                 F-16A                    349Sm BAF 
BA15                  Mirage 5BA               1Sm BAF 
ST-11                 SF260MB                  EVS BAF 
133393                CT-133N                  1CAG CAF 
62/30-MC              Mirage F1C               EC2/30 FAF 
MM62118               G-222TCM                 RSV ItAF 
MM588/RS-21           MB-339A                  RSV ItAF 
XV792/N               Harrier GR3              4sq RAF 
XX827/BM              Jaguar GR1               17sq RAF 
XV257                 Nimrod MR1               RAF 
WV746                 Pembroke C1              60sq RAF 
XL392                 Vulcan B2                617sq RAF 
GT-826                TF-100F                  RDAF 
RT-654                TF-104G                  RDAF 
AT-153                Sk-35XD                  RDAF 
C-2                   F-27-100                 334sq RNLAF 
D-8059                F-104G                   306sq RNLAF 
K-4018                NF-5B                    313sq RNLAF 
785                   CF-104G                  RNoAF 
263                   TF-104G                  RNoAF 
77-0273/WR            A-10A                    81TFW USAF 
68-0224               C-5A                     USAF 
71-0881               C-9A                     435TAW USAF 
76-0169               C-12A                    58MAS USAF 
69-6566               C-130E                   435TAW USAF 
64-0610               C-141A                   437MAW USAF 
64-0622               C-141A                   438MAW USAF 
68-0382/RS            F-4E                     86TFW USAF 
74-1653/RS            F-4E                     86TFW USAF 
74-1657/RS            F-4E                     86TFW USAF 
74-01556/56           F-5E                     527TFTAS USAF 
76-0036/BT            F-15A                    36TFW USAF 
72-0048/LN            F-111F                   48TFW USAF 
74-1079/LN            F-111F                   48TFW USAF 
68-10364              HH-53C                   67ARRS USAF 
59-1474               KC-135A                  USAF 
67-14675              OV-10A                   601TCW USAF 
69-0350/ZR            RF-4C                    26TRW USAF 
0-10653               T-39A                    58MAS USAF 
69-6609               UH-1N                    67ARRS USAF 
61-2491               VC-140A                  58MAS USAF 
78-21326              C-12C                    207AvCo USAr 
68-15021	      AH-1F		       USAr
69-16318              OH-58A                   USAr 
14270                 RV-1D                    73MiCo USAr 
0-18025               U-21A                    56AvCo USAr 
72-21581              UH-1H                    USAr 
158573/LN-44          P-3C                     VP-45 USN 
50+96                 C-160D                   LTG61 WGAF 
32+65                 G-91R                    JBG49 WGAF 
34+53                 G-91T                    JBG43 WGAF 
35+19                 RF-4E                    AKG51 WGAF 
24+07                 F-104G                   JBG32 WGAF 
58+29                 Do-28D2                  WTD61 WGAF 

1106/F yl, 1122/B rd  S105Öe                  AustrAF 
1125/E rd, 1127/G rd  S105Öe                  AustrAF 
1128/H rd             S105Öe                  AustrAF 
ST-07, ST-35          SF260MB                 EVS BAF 
104762, 104770        CF104G                  1CAG CAF 
104824, 104837        CF104G                  1CAG CAF 
104845                CF104G                  1CAG CAF 
6/30-MA               Mirage F1C              EC2/30 FAF 
MM54438/I-NEUF        MB339A                  RSV ItAF 
XW630/G               Harrier GR3             3sq RAF 
XX230/230             Hawk T1                 RAF 
XX281		      Hawk T1		      RAF
T-428                 T17                     RDAF 
D-8331                F104G                   312sq RNLAF 
K-3041                NF5A                    RNLAF 
A-246, A-398	      Alouette III	      Grasshoppers, RNLAF
A-451, A-165	      Alouette III	      Grasshoppers, RNLAF

Frecce Tricolori: 
MM6248/313-07/5       G91PAN                  313°Gr     c/n 14 
MM6264/313-16         G91PAN                  313°Gr     c/n 13 
MM566                 G91PAN                  313°Gr     c/n 2 
MM6265/5              G91PAN                  313°Gr     c/n 31 	also noted as coded 4!!
MM6244/313-06/10      G91PAN                  313°Gr     c/n 10 
MM6253/313-13/13      G91PAN                  313°Gr     c/n 19 	also noted as coded 11!!
MM6314/8              G91PAN                  313°Gr     c/n 78 
MM6310                G91PAN                  313°Gr     c/n 74 
MM6251/11	      G91PAN                  313°Gr     		also noted as coded 13!! 

104716                CF104G                  1CAG CAF 
136233                CH136                   CAF 
MM6251/313-12/11      G91PAN                  313°Gr ItAF Frecce Tricolori 
A-470                 SE3160                  300sq RNLAF Grasshoppers 
69-6606               UH1N                    67ARRS USAF 
69-15217, 66-16963    UH1H                    USAr 
67-17425, 66-16611    UH1H                    USAr 
69-15813              UH1H                    USAr 
0-17778, 0-17381      UH1H                    USAr 

73-1206		      C12
76-0166               C12A                    58MAS USAF 
68-0412/RS            F4E                     86TFW USAF 
68-0512/RS            F4E                     86TFW USAF 
74-1637/RS            F4E                     86TFW USAF 
74-1640/RS            F4E                     86TFW USAF 
74-1641/RS            F4E                     86TFW USAF 
74-1645/RS            F4E                     86TFW USAF 
61-0654, 62-4474      T39A                    58MAS USAF 
69-6607, 69-6608      UH1N                    67ARRS USAF 
62-4198, 62-4200      VC140A                  58MAS USAF 
62-4201               VC140A                  58MAS USAF 
68-15526              UH1H                    USAr 


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