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Berlin-Tempelhof 1992

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Date: 6 June 1992

Made by: Ben Uffen


87-0039 		C5B             	436AW      
71-0879 	        C9A                     55AAS     
79-0434 	        KC10A                   Ex 2BW    
84-0163 	        C12F                    58MAS     
68-10935                C130E                   435AW     
58-0041 	        KC135E  	        434ARW    
66-0194 	        C141B                   437AW     
78-23126                C12C                    US Army   
68-15731                UH1H                    US Army   
162176/JM-20            C2A     	        VR-24     
163837/8G               UC12M                   NAS M'hall
148895/JL               KC130F  	        VR-22     
159361/31               CT39G                   VR-24     
45-951  	        C47B                    45-0951   
5557                    C54G                    45-0557   
40+39                   Alpha Jet               JBG41     
44+16                   Tornado 	        JBG31     
44+27                   Tornado 	        JBG31     
50+42                   C160D                   LTG63     
53+11                   L410UVP 	        Ex 319,NVA
59+17                   Do28D                   MFG5      
61+09                   Br1151  	        MFG3      
72+54                   UH1D                    HFR30     
87+17                   Bo105P  	        Heer      
89+53                   Sea King Mk41           MFG5      
93+68                   Mi8TB                   nn        
94+07                   Mi8TB                   Marine    
99+34                   Canberra B2             BGA       
XW904                   Gazelle AH1             7Flt      
715609V/54  r           Mi6     	        nn        

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