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Manching 2006

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Date: 8 July 2006

Made by: Scramble


(16+08)			HFB320		pres, WTD61-mks
20+08			F-104G		i/a, WTD61-mks
(72+24)			UH-1D		i/a
(98+15)/1		Su-22M-4	i/a
71+36			UH-1D		alert duties
Three more Hueys were seen in a hangar: two in green and one in blue/white livery.

(20+90)			F-104G		Forw. fuselage only
30+28	                EF2000		EADS		GT017      
38+13	                F-4F		WTD61              
50+45	                C-160D		LTG63              
61+20	                Br1150 Elint	MFG3		60 
84+01	                CH-53G		WTD61              
87+31	                Bo105P1		HFVS910            
98+01	                P-3C		MFG3		5745       
98+04/11		F-104G		i/a, WTD61-mks
98+79			Tornado ECR	WTD61		4275
99+80			Barracuda	EADS		UD0001
D-HECF			EC135		Eurocopter
D-HMBE			EC145		Eurocopter

Hangar A / Willy Messerschmidt Halle (open):
51-100			HA300
D-IOIO			Me108B-1	ex A-208

Hangar B (open):
40+02			Alpha Jet A	i/a, WTD61-mks

Hangar B outside:
(AA+666)		T-6H/J		stored
22+51			F-104G		i/a, JBG34-mks
31+42			G-91R/3		i/a, LKG43-mks
44+17			Tornado IDS	i/a, FELS-badge
(92+01)			P149D		i/a, bare metal
N104NA			RFB2000		i/a

Hangar D (open):
(7L-WA)			EF2000		EADS		AS001
(7L-WB)			EF2000		EADS		AS002
(7L-WD)			EF2000		EADS		AS004
(7L-WE)			EF2000		EADS		AS005
(7L-WF)			EF2000		EADS		AS006
GT012, GT013, GT014	EF2000(T)	for Germany
GT015			EF2000(T)	for Germany
GS020, GS021, GS024	EF2000		for Germany
GS025, GS027, GS028	EF2000		for Germany
GS029			EF2000		for Germany
IT009			EF2000(T)	for Italy
ST008			EF2000(T)	for Spain
BS036, BS037 'Betty'`	Typhoon F2	for UK
Central fuselages were assemblied on the left side of this hall, while the 
final assembly of the German aircraft took place on the right. The underlined 
(shortened) construction numbers were only central fuselages.

Hangar E / 107 (open):
30+10			EF2000(T)	JG73		GT006
30+29	                EF2000		EADS		GS018       
98+29/JP001		EF2000		EADS, wfu	DA1
98+31			EF2000(T)	EADS                
(37+48)	                F-4F		JG71, nmks	1158        
(37+85)	                F-4F	        JG71, nmks	1195
38+43	                F-4F	        JG71, nn	1253
38+54	                F-4F	        JG71		1264        
(44+21)	                Tornado IDS	JBG31               
(44+34)	                Tornado IDS	AG51, nmks          
(44+70)	                Tornado IDS	JBG31, nmks	4170
(45+61)	                Tornado IDS(T)	GAFTTC              
(45)+88	                Tornado IDS	JBG31		4288        
(46+40)	                Tornado ECR	WTD61		4340        
(98+77)	                Tornado IDS	WTD61, nmks	4229

Hangar F (open):
30+14			EF2000(T)	JG73		GT007
38+01			F-4F		JG71
98+60			Tornado IDS 	WTD61

Hangar G / 118 (Flight test hangaar, open):
30+13, 30+23		EF2000		EADS		GS007, GS014
30+24, 30+27		EF2000(T)	EADS		GT010, GT011
30+25			EF2000		EADS		GS015

Hangar H / 255 (open):
50+36			C-160D		LTG62		058
50+69	                C-160D	        LTG61		106
50+88	                C-160D	        LTG61		125
50+93	                C-160D	        LTG61		130

Hangar J / 254 AWACS Halle 2 (open):
50+17			C-160D		LTG63		025
50+96	                C-160D	        LTG61		133
51+01	                C-160D	        LTG62		138
LX-N90458		E-3A mod	NAEW&CF
GS026		EF2000		for Germany

Hangar K / 252 AWACS Halle 1 (open):
(60+01)			P-3C		MFG3, nmks, as '301' (ex MLD)
(60+06)			P-3C		MFG3, nmks, as '309' (ex MLD)
LX-N90442		E-3A mod	NAEW&CF

Hangar L / 251 Lackier Halle (spuithal, closed):
30+30			EF2000		EADS

Hangar ? / building next to G 118 (open):
38+40, 38+55		F-4F		JG71
43+31			Tornado IDS(T)	JBG31, nmks 
44+02	                Tornado IDS	GAFTTC, nmks
44+58	                Tornado IDS	JBG31, nmks 
46+47	                Tornado ECR	JBG32       

Hangar ? / 123 (between J and H) (closed):
(7L-WC)			EF2000		EADS, center fuse.
30+26			EF2000		EADS
45+13			Tornado IDS(T)	MFG2, nmks

Hangar ? / building across from Atlantique (closed):
43+50			Tornado IDS	AG51

Hangar ? / building next to static with F-104G (closed):
37+89			F-4F		JG71

Flightline old stuff:
D-EOSM			Udet Flamingo	as 'D-1202'
D-ERTA			M17		as 'D-887 Ello'
D-ESBH/ES+BH		Me108B		ex AW167
D-FDME/- 2 bk		Bf109G-10	ex 151951
D-FMBB			HA1112M-1L	ex C.4K-135
D-IMTT			Me262A-1c	as 501244, Replica
D-IWMS			HA200D		ex AE.10B-67
D-1636/PK-QL		Me163

Flightline light civil aircraft:
D-EBYX			L-18C		ex 96+26           
D-EDKR	                FwP149D		ex 90+75           
D-EFKB	                PA-18-150	ex 185390  
D-EFMH	                CASA 1.131E	ex E.3B-473
D-ELTY	                Pützer Elster B	ex 97+06   
D-EMNQ	                Do27B-1		ex 56+30           
D-FWJM	                An-2                       

Flightline WTD61:
37+15			F-4F		WTD61            
45+03	                Tornado IDS	WTD61    
51+03	                C-160D		WTD61	LTG62-mks
84+02	                CH-53G		WTD61            
86+17	                Bo105P1		WTD61            
98+03	                EF2000(T)	WTD61    
98+30/JP005		EF2000		WTD61
Alle of these aircraft were flying.

Flying only (both from Donauwörth):
98+26			Tiger UHT	Eurocopter
98+90			NH90 TTH	Eurocopter

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