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Eggebek 2005

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Date: 18 June 2005

Made by: Scramble, Uli Seibicke, Kevin Brewer


2, 48			S. Etendard	17F
ZA588/BB, ZD788/BE	Tornado GR4	14sq
37+39			F-4F		JG71    
37+96			F-4F	        FlZ F-4F
38+57			F-4F	        JG74    
43+31			Tornado IDS	JBG31
44+24, 44+87		Tornado IDS	AG51
44+79			Tornado IDS	JBG33
46+31, 46+41		Tornado ECR	JBG32
57+02			Do228-212LT	MFG3             
61+04	                Br1150		MFG3                     
83+02	                S Lynx Mk88A	MFG3             
86+55	                Bo105P1		HFVAS300	tiger mks
89+70	                Sea King Mk41	MFG5             

43+55, 45+30		Tornado IDS	MFG2		spec mks
45+02, 45+12, 45+14	Tornado IDS	MFG2
45+41, 45+44		Tornado IDS	MFG2
89+55			Sea King Mk41	MFG5		spec mks
The 45+02 was ground spare and did not take-off.

Flying only:
57+04			Do228-212LM	MFG3
61+12			Br1150		MFG3
83+22			S Lynx Mk88A	MFG3

D-ICDY			Do28D-2		ex 58+89

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