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Bitburg 1993

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Date: 8 May 1993

Made by: Rob Scheffers


Mi8S            9350			Luftwaffe
Canberra T.17   WD955/EM		360 Sqn
Tornado F.3     ZE203/FI		25 Sqn
A-10A           82-0655/SP black
KC-135          59-.490/LA blue
F-4G            69-0263/SP y
F-15C           84-0015/BT multi
F-15E           91-0314/LN 		'494 FS’
F-16C           87-0233/SP y
F-111E          68-0020/UH 		’20 FW’

F-15C           80-011/BT r 
RF-4C           68-0577/-		preserved
F-4D            37576			Michigan ANG markings, scrap/preserved
F-86            13036/FU-036		gateguard
F-100           ..-..../FW-239		scrap

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