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Neuburg 1991

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Date: 19 October 1991

Made by: Scramble


188923              CF-188B            1CAG 
84-0008/BT          F-15C              53TFS 
85-1455/RS          F-16C              512TFS 
JD-110              F-86K              preserved, JG74 
2653                F-104G             preserved, JG74 
2916                MiG-29             JG3 
3549                RF-4E              AG51 
3761                F-4F               JG74 
3784                F-4F               JG74 
3796                F-4F               JG74 
3812                F-4F               JG74 
3856                F-4F               JG74 
3860                F-4F               JG74 
4156                Alpha Jet          JBG49 
4374                Tornado            MFG1 
4636                Tornado            JBG32 
8497                CH-53G             HFR25 
9164                P149D              preserved 
9454                T-33A              preserved 
9647                Mi-24P             WTD61 
9816                Su-22M3UK          WTD61 

85-1459/RS          F-16C              512TFS 
7080                UH-1D              LTG61 
D-EIIR              FW190              ultralight, w/o 
EF+PT               Me108              MBB 

2357                F-104G             preserved, JG74 
JD-172              F-86K              preserved, JG74 

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