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Wittmund 2009

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Date: 5 June 2009

Made by: Scramble


9819  			JAS39D          
30+27  		        EF2000(T)  	JG73            
38+48  		        F-4F  		JG71            
45+51  		        Tornado IDS  	AG51            
46+50  		        Tornado ECR  	JBG32           
27    		        MiG-29UB  	MH 59. S.z.D REB
MM7147/32-01 	        AMX  		32┬░Stormo       
MM55043/32-65  	        AMX-T  		32┬░Stormo       
C.15-61/12-19  	        EF-18A  	Ala 12          
CE.15-08/12-71          EF-18B  	Ala 12          
J-5235  	        F/A-18D  	nb              
D-ELEV  	        P149D  		ex 91+22        
All aircraft were parked at the shelter dispersals.

Static on runway:
603  			An-26  		MH 59. S.z.D REB
50+71  		        C-160D  	LTG63           
61+03  		        Br1150 SIGINT 	MFG3            

F-4Fs of JG71:
38+00, 38+01, 38+16, 38+24, 38+29, 38+42, 38+57, 38+61 
38+68, 38+69 
The Atlantic wore special Graff Zeppelin tail markings.

BAE systems/FLT, hangar 3:
N431FS  		A-4N  		BAE Syst/Flt. Syst
N262WL  		A-4N  		BAE Syst/Flt. Syst

Hangar 112:
37+01, 37+22, 37+63  	F-4F  		JG71
37+03  			F-4F  		JG71 compass ramp 

Hangar 225:
37+84, 38+73  		F-4F  		JG71 
38+74, 38+75            F-4F            JG71

Hangar 305:
37+26, 37+89  		F-4F  		JG71 

75-0632  		F-4E 		i/a  	ex 49th FW
24+85  			F-104G   	i/a  	ex AG51  
37+11                   F-4F  		pres  	ex FlZ F-4F
37+88                   F-4F  		JG71             
38+49                   F-4F  		JG71             
The F-4F 37+88 was near the engine run but had no engine, 
probably it is used for spare parts. While F-4F 38+49 was in an 
unidentified Hangar.
Several aircraft, including the Hungarian MiG-29 and the Span-
ish F-18s, performed spectacular low passes upon arrival. Be-
fore touchdown, the Eurofighter joined the MiG-29/EF-18s for 
one last overhead circuit  The German Transall arrived perform-
ing the famous "Sarajevo" landing.

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