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Bitburg 1981

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Date: 13 June 1981

Made by: Willy Metze, Alfred Lindner

Updated: 2 April 2001

75-0053   BT          F-15A    (TIGER FIN)         36TFW/53TFS 
75-0073   BT          F-15A                        36TFW/53TFS 
76-0016   BT          F-15A                        36TFW/53TFS 
76-0018   BT          F-15A                        36TFW/53TFS 
78-0535   BT          F-15C                        36TFW/525TFS 
78-0547   BT          F-15C                        36TFW/525TFS 
78-0548   BT          F-15C                        36TFW/525TFS 
78-0549   BT          F-15C                        36TFW/525TFS 
78-0574   BT          F-15D                        36TFW/525TFS 
79-0006   BT          F-15D                        36TFW/525TFS 
79-0048   BT          F-15C                        36TFW/525TFS 
79-0051   BT          F-15C                        36TFW/525TFS 
79-0061   BT          F-15C                        36TFW/525TFS 
79-0062   BT          F-15C                        36TFW/525TFS 
79-0069   BT          F-15C                        36TFW/525TFS 
79-0074   BT          F-15C                        36TFW/525TFS 
74-1626   RS          F-4E                         86TFW 
68-0599   ZR          RF-4C                        26TRW 
77-0235   WR          A-10A                        81TFW 
77-0264   WR          A-10A                        81TFW 
68-0021   UH          F-111E                       20TFW/79TFS 
68-0028   UH          F-111E                       20TFW/79TFS 
68-0029   UH          F-111E                       20TFW/79TFS 
74-01551  51          F-5E                         10TRW/527TFTAS 
70-1630               CH-53C                       601TACW 
104713    713         CF104G                       1.CAG/439SQN 
104749    749         CF104G                       1.CAG/439SQN 
104761    761         CF104G    FULL TIGER COLOR   1.CAG/439SQN 
104848    848         CF104G                       1.CAG/439SQN 
L5105     FC08        TF-104G                      10EME WG/31SMALDEEL 
L5108     FC11        TF-104G                      10EME WG/31SMALDEEL 
S9034     FX15        F-104G                       10EME WG/31SMALDEEL 
S9176     FX100       F-104G                       10EME WG/31SMALDEEL 
78-0134   FA19        F-16A                        1ER WG 
78-0136   FA21        F-16A                        1ER WG 
44        BA44        MIRAGE VBA                   2 SM 
237       12-YI       MIRAGE F1-RVT                EC1/12 CAMBRESIS 
011       12-XG       MH1521                       SALE 12EME ESCADRE 
72-1280   38+70       F-4F                         JABOG35 
69-7456   35+09       RF-4E                        AKG52 
69-7501   35+54       RF-4E                        AKG52 
L2005     20+05       F-104G                       JABOG34 
          40+46       ALPHA JET                    JABOG43 
          40+31       ALPHA JET                    JABOG49 
D620      34+60       G91T3                        LVR60 
4136      58+61       DO28D2                       JABOG34 
XX972     DF          JAGUAR GR.1                  NO.31 SQN 
XX957     CG          JAGUAR GR.1                  NO.20 SQN 
XZ377     CF          JAGUAR GR.1                  NO.20 SQN 
XZ394     CQ          JAGUAR GR.1                  NO.20 SQN 
XX767     AN          JAGUAR GR.1                  NO.14 SQN 
XW219     DC          PUMA HC.1                    NO.230 SQN 
XW223	  DG	      PUMA HC.1			   NO.230 SQN, flying from shelter area
MM....    53-02       F-104G                       53STORMO/21GRP 
MM....    53-04       F-104G                       53STORMO/21GRP 
MM....    53-16       F-104G                       53STORMO/21GRP 
67-7135   135         F-5A                         SKV336 
66-9241   241         F-5B                         SKV336 
10-07     ST07        SF260M                       EVE/EVS 
10-25     ST25        SF260M                       EVE/EVS 
10-35     ST35        SF260M                       EVE/EVS 
A711                  TWIN BONANZA                 ? 

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