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Wildenrath 1983

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Date: 3 September 1983

Made by:


XR771/BA 	Lightning F.6 		No.11 Sqdn.
XX895/B 	Buccaneer S.2B 		No.15 Sqdn.
XZ391/DF 	Jaguar GR.1 		No.31 Sqdn.
XS792 		Andover CC.2 		No.32 Sqdn.
XL192 		Victor K.2 		No.57 Sqdn.
WV746 		Pembroke C.1 		No.60 Sqdn.
XV435/X 	Phantom FGR.2 		No.92 Sqdn.
VP955 		Devon C.2 		No.207 Sqdn.
XX301 		Hawk T.1 		No.1 TWU
ZA544 		Tornado GR.1 		TWCU
XW321/29 	Jet Provost T.5A 	RAF College
XX179 		Hawk T.1 		No.4 FTS
XS737/K 	Dominie T.1 		No.6 FTS
XX498/F 	Jetstream T.1 		No.6 FTS
XZ198 		Lynx AH.1 		No.653 Sqdn.
XX437 		Gazelle AH.1 		No.12 Flight
XX440 		Gazelle AH.1 		No.12 Flight
104747 		CF-104 			1st CAG
4044 		ALpha Jet 		JaboG.43
AR-115 		S-35XD 			Esk.729
K-3016 		NF-5A 			No.316 Sqdn.
79-0019/CR (o) 	F-15C 			32nd TFS
67-14674 (g) 	OV-10A 			704th TASS

Static in hangar:
XV470/G 	Phantom FGR.2 		No.19 Sqdn.
XN782/H 	Lightning F.2A 		Decoy
N47201/8  	FM-2 			Civil, ex USN 47201

XZ999/I 	Harrier GR.3 		No.4 Sqdn.
XW768/O 	Harrier GR.3 		No.4 Sqdn.
XX746/BD 	Jaguar GR.1 		No.17 Sqdn.
ZA710/BC 	Chinook HC.1 		No.18 Sqdn.
WV740 		Pembroke C.1 		No.60 Sqdn.
XW227/DN 	Puma HC.1 		No.230 Sqdn.
XV176 		Hercules C.3 		LTW
XV211 		Hercules C.1P 		LTW
WF791 		Meteor T.7 		CFS/Vintage Pair
XH304 		Vampire T.11 		CFS/Vintage Pair
XX162 		Hawk T.1 		No.4 FTS
XX496/D 	Jetstream T.1 		No.6 FTS
XX386 		Gazelle AH.1 		No.12 Flight
XP769 		Beaver AL.1 		BFNI
AT-151 		SK-35XD 		Esk.729
And the following Hawk T.1/T.1As of the Red Arrows:
XX251, XX252, XX253, XX257, XX259, XX260, XX264,
XX266, XX304 and XX306

Shelter area (all flew):
XV415/P		Phantom FGR.2 		No.92 Sqdn.
XV467/Q		Phantom FGR.2 		No.92 Sqdn.
XV498/R		Phantom FGR.2 		No.92 Sqdn.
XV462/U		Phantom FGR.2 		No.92 Sqdn.
XV471/V		Phantom FGR.2 		No.92 Sqdn.
81-0065/CR (g) 	F-15D 			32nd TFS

Flying only:
XX825/AC 	Jaguar GR.1 		No.14 Sqdn.
XX744/BA	Jaguar GR.1 		No.17 Sqdn.
XZ373/BG	Jaguar GR.1 		No.17 Sqdn.
XZ370/BN	Jaguar GR.1 		No.17 Sqdn.
LX-N90448	E-3A 			NAEWF

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