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Laarbruch 1994

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Date: 14 May 1994

Made by: Michael Gan


Harrier GR3, RAF
RAF Laarbruch opened its gates for the public, but unfortunately only two local Harrier GR7s that were still active could be seen on this day. One of the Harriers that were not able to fly anymore was Harrier GR3 XW924, which was being used for instructional purposes.

Photo copyright Michael Gan

FB22                    F-16B                   10w 
WD955/EM                Canberra T17A           360sq 
WH779/BP                Canberra PR7            360sq 
ZA714/BA                Chinook HC2             18sq 
XW902/H                 Gazelle HT3             2FTS 
XX164/CN                Hawk T1                 100sq 
XX199/TG                Hawk T1A                74sq 
XX312/CF                Hawk T1                 100sq           special c/s 
XZ398/A                 Jaguar GR1A             41sq            anniversary c/s 
XX499/G                 Jetstream T1            6FTS 
ZA934/FC                Puma HC1                240 OCU 
XZ597/S                 Sea King HAR3           202sq 
ZD793/CA                Tornado GR1             31sq 
ZG726/K                 Tornado GR1A            13sq 
ZG735/CO                Tornado F3              5sq 
ZF374/374               Tucano T1               6FTS 

Shelter area: 
ZG530/CL                Harrier GR7             4sq 
ZG856/CJ                Harrier GR7             4sq 

Flying only: 
XV178/178               Hercules C1P            LTW 

XW922                   Harrier GR3             dump 
XW924                   Harrier GR3             instr. 
XE606                   Hunter F6A              preserved       "XJ673/A" 
XV412/P                 Phantom FGR2            BDRT 
ZE350/T                 F-4J(UK)                BDRT 
ZE352/G                 F-4J(UK)                BDRT 
ZE363/W                 F-4J(UK)                BDRT 

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