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Wildenrath 1972

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Date: 26 May 1972

Made by: John Dyer


FX-37 		F-104G 		10Wing
BA-42 		Mirage 5BA 	2Wing
32+18 		G91R WS50
K-4011 		NF-5B
XS713/C		Dominie T1 	6FTS
XN735/A		Lightning F2A 	19Sqdn
WJ910/S		Varsity T1 	6FTS
G-206 		F-100D
G-781 		F-100D
GT-019 		TF-100F
GT-983 		TF-100F
XV780/B		Harrier GR1 	4Sqdn
XW764 		Harrier GR1A 	3Sqdn
XW768 		Harrier GR1A 	3Sqdn
XM366/61	Jet Provost T3 	CFS
XW370/49	Jet Provost T5 	3FTS/Gemini
XW406/48	Jet Provost T5 	3FTS/Gemini
XW410/51 	Jet Provost T5 	3FTS/Gemini
XW353/3		Jet Provost T5 	RAFC/Poachers
XW354/7		Jet Provost T5 	RAFC/Poachers
XW357/5		Jet Provost T5 	RAFC/Poachers
XW360/1		Jet Provost T5 	RAFC/Poachers
XW363/2		Jet Provost T5 	RAFC/Poachers
XF799 		Pembroke C1 	60Sqdn

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