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Landsberg 1997

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Date: 13 September 1997

Made by: Scramble


3G-EE                 PC-6B2H-2    FlRg1/4
5D-HJ                 AB212        FlRg3/1
F210/64-GJ            C-160NG      ET02.064
2903                  MiG-29       JG73
3825                  F-4F         JG71
4157                  Alpha Jet    WTD61
4360                  Tornado IDS  JBG34
4488, 4591            Tornado IDS  AG52
4645                  Tornado ECR  JBG32
5084, 5093            C-160D       LTG61
5085                  C-160D       LTG63
7095                  UH-1D        LTG61
7553                  SE3130       HFWS
8010                  Bo105M       HFR25
9817                  Su-22M4      WTD61
MM62133/46-93         G222TCM      98√łGr
027                   C-160D       221 Filo/Turk. AF
XX226                 Hawk T1      74(R)sq
84-0110               C-21A        76th AS
69-6582               C-130E       37th AS
D-CFFU                Do228
D-CITI                Do328        Dornier
D-EHMA                Do27A-4
D-EKIE                Do27A-1
D-IFCC                CM170
YL-DCU                Yak-52

5048, 5115            C-160D       LTG61
5068                  C-160D       LTG61   spec. c/s
5036, 5045            C-160D       LTG63
5067, 5071            C-160D       LTG63
7085                  UH-1D        LTG61   spec. c/s
8457                  CH-53G       HFR25

Helicopter flighline:
2905                  MiG-29       JG73
7089, 7092, 7110      UH-1D        LTG61
7163, 7169, 7170      UH-1D        LTG62
T-317                 AS332M1      FlRg4/Swiss AF
D-HMUD                Bo105C       Polizei

Piaggio flightline:
D-EGOS,D-EKLY         FwP149D
D-ELGU,D-EMBA         FwP149D

Hangar 5:
5029                  C-160D       LTG62
5110                  C-160D       LTG61

Hangar 6:
5106                  C-160D       LTG61
7080                  UH-1D        LTKdo
D-EKRE                Bü133C
D-IOIO                Me108
G-BWRF                MS508        '73'

128                   N2501F       'GA125'
7823                  Sycamore Mk52 'LB105'
AA666                 T-6H/J
AA152/152             CM170

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