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Nordholz 1999

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Date: 7 July 1999

Made by: Bob Boxhill, Jos Frielink, Marco Kollmer


8962               Sea King Mk41         MFG5 
8312               Lynx Mk88             MFG3 
8606               Bo105P                HFWS 
4514               Tornado               MFG2 
7551               Alouette 2            HFWS 
3733               F-4F                  JG72 
7160               UH-1D                 LTG63 
6110               Atlantic              MFG3 
5112               C-160D                LTG62 
11                 Atlantic NG           23F Aeronavale 
140113             CP-140                404Sqn 
158566/LN-566      P-3C                  VP45 
D-HAXT             SA.330                GS Fliegerstaffel Nord 

Ramp South East of Runway: 
8632               Bo105P                HFR26 
8663               Bo105P 
8735               Bo105P                no mks 
8786               Bo105P                HFR26 

Ramp North Mid Runway 
5097               C-160D                LTG62 
6103               Atlantic              MFG3 
6106               Atlantic              MFG3 
6112               Atlantic              MFG3 
5704               Do228                 MFG3 

Lynx Hangar South of Runway West End: 
8302               Lynx Mk88             MFG3 
8304               Lynx Mk88             MFG3 
8307               Lynx Mk88             MFG3 
8309               Lynx Mk88             MFG3 
8314               Lynx Mk88             MFG3 
8319               Lynx Mk88             MFG3 
9410               Mi-8                  Dumped  Near Lynx Hangar 

Atlantic Maintenance Hangar MFG3 North Side of Runway: 
6101               Atlantic              MFG3 
6104               Atlantic              MFG3 
6114               Atlantic              MFG3 
6119               Atlantic              MFG3 
6120               Atlantic              MFG3 

Lynx Maintenance Hangar MFG3 North Side of Runway: 
8306               Lynx Mk88             MFG3 
8308               Lynx Mk88             MFG3 
8310               Lynx Mk88             MFG3 
8317               Lynx Mk88             MFG3 

Display Hangar: 
2498               F-104G                BDRF 

Hangar Next to Display Hangar: 
6116               Atlantic              MFG3 

Other Hangar: 
6118               Atlantic              MFG3 

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