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Spangdahlem 1978

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Date: 18 June 1978

Made by: Willy Metze, Ron Nieuwland, A

Updated: 2 April 2001

66-7507               F-4                          52TFW 
66-7514               F-4                          52TFW 
66-7664               F-4                          52TFW 
66-8714               F-4                          52TFW 
66-8738               F-4                          52TFW 
63-7443   SP          F-4C                         52TFW/81TFS 
63-7513   SP          F-4C                         52TFW/81TFS 
66-7638   SP	      F-4C                         52TFW/81TFS 
66-7555	  SP	      F-4D                         52TFW/480TFS
66-7563	  SP	      F-4D                         52TFW/480TFS
66-7645	  SP	      F-4D                         52TFW/480TFS
66-7667   SP          F-4D                         52TFW/23TFS 
66-7715   SP	      F-4D                         52TFW/480TFS
66-7733   SP          F-4D                         52TFW/480TFS 
66-8710   SP          F-4D                         52TFW/23TFS 
66-8711   SP          F-4D                         52TFW/23TFS 
66-8714   SP          F-4D                         52TFW/23TFS 
66-8737   SP          F-4D                         52TFW/23TFS 
66-8745   SP          F-4D                         52TFW/23TFS 
66-8748   SP          F-4D                         52TFW/23TFS 
66-8753	  SP	      F-4D                         52TFW/480TFS
66-8756   SP          F-4D                         52TFW/23TFS 
66-8758   SP          F-4D                         52TFW 
66-8759   SP          F-4D                         52TFW/23TFS 
66-8765   SP          F-4D                         52TFW/23TFS 
66-8768   SP          F-4D                         52TFW/23TFS 
66-8798   SP          F-4D                         52TFW/23TFS 
66-8804   SP          F-4D                         52TFW
69-0374   ZR          RF-4C                        26TRW 
74-01534  34          F-5E                         10TRW/527TFTAS 
70-2415   LN          F-111F                       494TFS 
70-2419   LN          F-111F                       494TFS
76-0018   BT          F-15A                        36TFW 
76-0052   BT          F-15A                        36TFW 
..-61023	      UH-1H			   22nd AvDet
69-6607		      UH-1N			   67th ARRS
70-1626		      CH-53C			   601st TASS
68-3797		      OV-10A			   .. TASS
MM6744	  51-35       F-104S                       51STORMO/155GRUPPO 
MM6797	  51-45       F-104S                       51STORMO/155GRUPPO 
MM6910	  51-46       F-104S                       51STORMO/155GRUPPO 
MM6914    51-47       F-104S                       51STORMO/155GRUPPO 
M7036     21+67       F-104G                       JABOG34 
FO8161(R) 24+19       F-104G                       JABOG34 
FO8208(R) 24+60       F-104G                       JABOG34 
S9168     26+20       F-104G                       JABOG34 
S9174     26+23       F-104G                       JABOG34 
D395      31+28       G91R3                        LEKG43 
XV782     C           HARRIER GR.MK.3              NO.4 SQN 
XZ109     O           JAGUAR GR.MK.1               NO.2 SQN 
XX887     N           BUCCANEER S.MK.2B            NO.15 SQN 
XV307                 HERCULES C.MK.1              LTW 
K4005                 NF-5B                        NO.313 SQN TVO 
351153    AT153       SK35XD                       ESK.725/729 
XP514                 GNAT T.MK.1                  CFS-RED ARROWS 
XP535                 GNAT T.MK.1                  CFS-RED ARROWS 
XR540                 GNAT T.MK.1                  CFS-RED ARROWS 
XR572                 GNAT T.MK.1                  CFS-RED ARROWS 
XR955                 GNAT T.MK.1                  CFS-RED ARROWS 
XR987                 GNAT T.MK.1                  CFS-RED ARROWS 
XR991                 GNAT T.MK.1                  CFS-RED ARROWS 
XR993                 GNAT T.MK.1                  CFS-RED ARROWS 
XS101                 GNAT T.MK.1                  CFS-RED ARROWS 
XS107                 GNAT T.MK.1                  CFS-RED ARROWS 
A45       OL/A        SA318                        BLUE BEES 
A65       OL/A        SA318                        BLUE BEES 
A70       OL/A        SA318                        BLUE BEES 
A74       OL/A        SA318                        BLUE BEES 
A75       OL/A        SA318                        BLUE BEES 
A80       OL/A        SA318                        BLUE BEES 
A90       OL/A        SA318                        BLUE BEES 
A94       OL/A        SA318                        BLUE BEES 

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