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Kiel-Holtenau 1998

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Date: 28 June 1998

Made by: Hans Rolink


D-HAXT             SA.330J              Bundesgrenzschutz 
102                SA.321G              32F 
U-278              S.61A                Esk 722 
89+52              Sea King Mk.41       MFG 5 
89+54              Sea King Mk.41       MFG 5 
89+57              Sea King Mk.41       MFG 5 
89+58              Sea King Mk.41       MFG 5 
89+60              Sea King Mk.41       MFG 5 
89+61              Sea King Mk.41       MFG 5 
71+61              UH-1D                LTG 63 
84+83              CH-53G               HFR 15 
0513               W-3RM                1 DLMW 
280                SH-14D Lynx          MARHELI 
01 (blue)          Mi.8M-TV             Lithuanian Air Force, 13 sq 
MM80989/15-20      HH-3F                15 Stormo 
ZD637/PW-700       Sea King HAS.6       819 sq 
80+59              SH-34J               gate 
59+14              Do.28D-2             gate 

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