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Finow 1991

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Date: 18 August 1991

Made by: Scramble


MiG-25RB, Soviet AF
The end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s were very strange times for the European spotters community. Suddenly, spotting in countries behind the "Iron Curtain" became possible and Russian airbases organised open days! This MiG-25RB was taking part in the open day at Finow in 1991.

Photo Mark Schenk

06 wh         MiG-29           787 JR         c/n 07740 
65 rd         MiG-23UM         787 JR         c/n 0904106 
50 rd         MiG-25RB         931 VS         c/n 2048240 
49 yl         Su-17M4          20 JBR         c/n 15920 
01 wh         Su-24MR          11 VR          c/n 0515321 
12 rd         Su-25            nn             c/n 10139 
03 bl         Mi-24V           ? GHR 
36 bl         Mi-8MTB          ? GHR 

Other side/Demo: 
09 wh         MiG-29M          787 JR         c/n 10801 

10 wh         MiG-29M          787 JR 
02 wh         MiG-29M          787 JR 

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