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Rhein-Main 1988

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Date: 26 June 1988

Made by: Gerar

Updated: 8 February 2003

80-0169/WR      A10A            510TFS 
82-0650/WR      A10A            510TFS 
69-0026         C5A             436MAW 
71-0881         C9A             55AAS 
84-0163         C12F            58MAS 
84-0085         C21A            58MAS 
86-0205         C20B            89MAW 
84-0465         C23A            10MAS 
64-0525         C130E           317TAW 
64-0527         C13OE           37TAS 
64-0555         MC130E          7SOS 
64-0561         MC130E          7SOS 
68-10938        C130E           37TAS 
68-10943        C130E           37TAS 
63-8075         C141B           nn 
68-0030/UH      F111E           79TFS 
68-15656        UH1H            nn 
69-6619         UH1H            67ARRS 
67-18516        CH47C           nn 
72-21412        OH58A           nn 
82-23746        UH60A           421MedCo 
62-4453         T39A            1868FCS 
N87             Sabre 40        FAA 
XS644           Andover C1      115Sqn 
XX689/3         Bulldog T1      RNEFTS 
WJ731/BK        Canb B2         231OCU 
XW902/H         Gazelle HT3     2FTS 
XW270/T         Harrier T4      4Sqn 
XX322/W         Hawk T1A        2TWU 
XZ109/29        Jaguar GR1A     2Sqn 
XW421/60        J Prov T5A      3FTS 
XX495/C         JetstreamT1     6FTS 
XV482           PhantomFGR2     92Sqn 
XW219/DC        Puma HC1        230Sqn 
ZD843/BH        Tornado GR1     31Sqn 
ZA148/G         VC10 K3         110Sqn 
XL188           Victor K2       55Sqn 
C-12            F27-300M        334Sqn 
J-207           F16A            315Sqn 
J-209           F16A            315Sqn 
E-600           F16A            Esk723 
ET-198          F16B            Esk726 
20+43           F104G           ex JBG34 
37+97           F4F             JBG36 
41+25           Alpha Jet       JBG49 
45+94           Tornado         JBG34 
50+91           C160D           LTG62 
61+20           Br1151          MFG3 

66-7953         C-141B                        departed during the day 
71-0979,0982    C-9A            435 TAW
62-1819,1822    C-130E          435 TAW
63-7885         C-130E          435 TAW
64-0525         C-130E          317 TAW 
64-17681        C-130E          435 TAW
64-18240        C-130E          435 TAW
68-10943,10947  C-130E          435 TAW
70-1264         C-130E          435 TAW

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