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Spangdahlem 1972

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Date: 20 May 1972

Made by: Willy Metze, SEAR


64-0959   BS          F-4D                         36TFW/22TFS 
66-7497   BS          F-4D                         36TFW/22TFS 
66-7604   BS          F-4D                         36TFW/22TFS 
66-7610   BS          F-4D                         36TFW/22TFS 
66-7611   BS          F-4D                         36TFW/22TFS 
66-7645   BS          F-4D                         36TFW/22TFS 
66-7646   BS          F-4D                         36TFW/22TFS 
66-7656   BS          F-4D                         36TFW/22TFS 
66-7689   BS          F-4D                         36TFW/22TFS 
54-0431   BV          EB-66E                       36TFW/39TEWS 
54-0459   BV          EB-66E                       36TFW/39TEWS 
54-0507   BV          EB-66E                       36TFW/39TEWS 
54-0510   BV          EB-66E                       36TFW/39TEWS 
54-0514   BV          EB-66E                       36TFW/39TEWS 
54-0525   BV          EB-66E                       36TFW/39TEWS 
54-0526   BV          EB-66E                       36TFW/39TEWS 
54-0528   BV          EB-66E                       36TFW/39TEWS 
54-0531   BV          EB-66E                       36TFW/39TEWS 
55-0386   BV          EB-66E                       36TFW/39TEWS 
62-4534               HH-43B                       40ARRW/DET. 
18458                 CH-54A                       US Army 
68-16610              UH-1H                        350AVN.COY 
M7052     21+83       F-104G                       JABOG33 
D584      33+13       G91R3                        LEKG42 
356       33-TE       MIRAGE IIIRD                 ER3/33 MOSELLE 
1104      CVR         SA.316                       French Army 
1587      CVC         Alouette II                  French Army 
XW292     85          JET PROVOST T.MK.5           RED PELICANS 
XW297     87          JET PROVOST T.MK.5           RED PELICANS 
XW289     ..          JET PROVOST T.MK.5           RED PELICANS 
XW290     ..          JET PROVOST T.MK.5           RED PELICANS 
XW294     ..          JET PROVOST T.MK.5 

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