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Oberpfaffenhofen 1997

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Date: 30/31 August 1997

Made by: Scramble


Static southside:
6101                  Br1150       MFG3
D-CBDC                Do-228-212
D-EFXX                PT-17A
D-FARA                G520T
D-IFSA                DH104
F-AZDX                B-17G        "122960/G-DF"
F-AZGB                T-6D         "521475"
F-AZSM                Chipmunk T10 "WP919"
F-AZVM                N2501F       "105/62-SI"

Static westside:
4002                  Alpha Jet    WTD61
4014                  Alpha Jet    ex TG31
C-FCRR                PYA-5A
D-CDXJ/D-CPRU         Do-328-110   Minerva
D-CFFU                Do-228-212   DLR
D-CMET                Falcon 20E   DLR
D-CSAL                SA227AC      Thuringia
D-EBEI                Me108        DLH
D-EEAF                Do-27A
D-EMUT                Ar79         DLH
D-FOXY                C3605
D-ICDO                Do-228-101   Dornier
F-AZID                B-25J        "H"
F-AZJJ                P-51D        "474832"
F-AZJM                P-51D        "44-73027"
F-AZMU                P-51D        "472035"
F-AZPJ                P-40         "34/P8196"
F-AZVJ                F4U-4        "403"
OO-SOT                Lysander
VH-URU                Do-228-202   TPA

Static northside:
D-EGVN                Do-27A
D-EMNQ                Do-27B-1
D-ICDY                Do-28D-2
D-IFNT                Do-228       Dornier
D-ILPB                Do-28A-1
D-HAXI                SA330J       BGS
D-HBAY                BK117        ADAC
D-HUBE                Bo-105S      Polizei

Hangar 1:
D-CATI                Do-328JET    Dornier
D-CDXI/F-GAOC         Do-328-110   white
D-CDXM/N332MX         Do-328-110   Moutain Air

Hangar 2:
7088                  UH-1D        LTG61
D-HMUX                Bo-105C      Polizei

Far side:
D-CAAM                Do-228       Arcus Air
D-CITI                Do-328       Dornier
D-CLBA                Beech 400    LBA
D-ICHE                Ce551        Aero.Braunschweig
D-EKUI                Do-27
D-EMIH                Do-27Q-5
F-GMEA/1, F-GMED/2    PC-7         Team Adecco
F-GMAB/3              PC-7         Team Adecco
F-GNPB                Do-328-110   Proteus Airlines
VP-BOA                CL601-3A     Executive AT

3135                  G91R/4       ex Luftwaffe
D-9530                Do-31E-3
(HD.5-3)              Do-24        ex Spanish AF

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