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Nörvenich 1988

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Tag der Offenen Tür
Date: 28-8-1988
Made by: Scramble
Updated: 3 June 2004, 8 January 2016
50+68 C-160D LTG61  
(90+20)/D-EBAT P149 private  
(90+31)/D-EHJL P149 private  
AT-155 Sk-35XD Esk 729  
41+42 Alpha Jet A JBG43  
99+35 Canberra B2 MGA  
188756 CF-188A 409sq  
16/2-EL Mirage 2000C EC1/2  
ZA679/BC Chinook HC1 18sq  
XT894/CP Phantom FGR2 64sq/228 OCU  
10+03 B707-329C FBS BMVg  
12+03 CL-601 FBS BMVg  
44+07 Tornado IDS JBG31  
44+52 Tornado IDS JBG31 hangar  
133345 CT-133 TTF/1 CAD  
BA50 Mirage VBA 3w  
37+55 F-4F JG71  
XX885 Buccaneer S2B 208sq  
26+30 F-104G LVR1  
44+19 Tornado IDS JBG31  
58+20 Do-28D JBG31  
80-0021/BT F-15C 36th FW  
DA+232 F-84F pres  
24+81/N104RB F-104G private  
XV406/AV Phantom FGR2 43sq  
T.10-9 /31-06 C-130H Ala 31  
E.25-07 C-101EB Gr 79  
E.25-22 C-101EB Gr 79  
E.25-14 C-101EB Gr 79  
E.25-22 C-101EB Gr 79  
E.25-08 C-101EB Gr 79  
E.25-06 C-101EB Gr 79  
E.25-41 C-101EB Gr 79  
E.25-01 C-101EB Gr 79  
XZ104/24 Jaguar GR1A 2sq  
J-619 F-16A 311sq  
61+11 Br1150 MFG3  
70+54 UH-1D HTG64  
LX-N90446 E-3A NAEWF  
XX255 Hawk T1A 63sq/2 TWU  
58-0125 KC-135Q 9th SRW  
44+00 Tornado IDS JBG31 spcl mks  
43+41 Tornado IDS JBG31  
45+71 Tornado IDS MFG2  
45+66 Tornado IDS MFG2  
44+44 Tornado IDS JBG31  
44+16 Tornado IDS JBG31  
44+32 Tornado IDS JBG31  
44+27 Tornado IDS JBG31  
43+31 Tornado IDS JBG31  
43+33 Tornado IDS JBG31  
44+34 Tornado IDS JBG31  
44+49 Tornado IDS JBG31  
44+02 Tornado IDS JBG31  
44+03 Tornado IDS JBG31  
44+22 Tornado IDS JBG31  
43+92 Tornado IDS JBG31  
44+35 Tornado IDS JBG31  
44+14 Tornado IDS JBG31  
43+94 Tornado IDS JBG31  
44+48 Tornado IDS JBG31  
43+19 Tornado IDS JBG31  
44+06 Tornado IDS JBG31  
87+52 Bo-105P HFR16  
87+74 Bo-105P HFR16  
98+78 Do-228 FBS BMVg  
84+77 CH-53G HFR15  
MT31 CM-170R 33sm  
ET-208 F-16B Esk 727  
68-0061/UH F-111E 77th TFS  
81-0965/WR A-10A 81st TFW purple  
512/2-FI Mirage 2000B EC2/2  
23+01 F-104G WTD61  
40+48 Alpha Jet A JBG43  
70+46 UH-1D HTG64  
70+91 UH-1D HTG64  
84+34 CH-53G HFR35  
188749 CF-188A 1 CAD  
AR-115 S-35XD Esk 729  
E-610 F-16A Esk 727  
A-350 SE3160 Grasshoppers  
A-351 SE3160 Grasshoppers  
A-390 SE3160 Grasshoppers  
A-399 SE3160 Grasshoppers  
A-456 SE3160 Grasshoppers  
A-499 SE3160 Grasshoppers  
XT273 Buccaneer S2B 12sq  
XV361 Buccaneer S2B 208sq  
XX320 Hawk T1A 63sq/2 TWU  
XW198/DL Puma HC1 230sq  
82-0650/WR A-10A 81st TFW purple  
FA69 F-16A 23sm  
FA92, FA74, FA80, FA78, FA66, FA64, FA58, FA82, FA62, FA72, FA86
FA67, FA65, FA75, FA85, FA87, FA93, FA89, FA95


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