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Wiesbaden 1971

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Date: 13 June 1971

Made by: Willy Metze, Mauri Gianfranco, Gijs Hiltermann


69-0253   RS          F-4E                         26TRW/526TFS 
66-       1           F-4E                         THUNDERBIRDS 
66-       2           F-4E                         THUNDERBIRDS 
66-       3           F-4E                         THUNDERBIRDS 
66-       4           F-4E                         THUNDERBIRDS 
66-       5           F-4E                         THUNDERBIRDS 
66-       6           F-4E                         THUNDERBIRDS 
66-       7           F-4E                         THUNDERBIRDS 
56-3876   LT          F-100F                       48TFW/494TFS 
63-7870   LN          C-130E                       316TAW 
63-7874   LN          C-130E                       316TAW 
4358                  C-123.                       USCG 
10653                 T-39 
O-33283               C-118 
11150                 O-2A 
18457                 CH-54A 
16427                 AH-1G 
69922                 UH-1B 
25906                 OV-1 
XP688                 JET PROVOST T.4              CAW - MACAWS 
XR654                 JET PROVOST T.4              CAW - MACAWS 
XS180                 JET PROVOST T.4              CAW - MACAWS 
XS210                 JET PROVOST T.4              CAW - MACAWS 
XS216                 JET PROVOST T.4              CAW - MACAWS 
XV785     Q           HARRIER.GR.MK.1              NO.20 SQN 
XR138                 ARGOSY C.MK.1                NO.247 SQN 
XS780                 BASSET CC.MK.1               NO.32 SQN 
PM631     AD-C        SPITFIRE MK.                 BOB HF 
69-7468   35+21       RF-4E                        AKG51 
M7143     22+62       F-104G                       JABOG34 
D574      33+03       G91R3                        LEKG42 
131       53+13       N2501                        LTG62 
60        61+20       BR1150                       MFG3 
          73+78       UH-1D 
7x        MT          CM170R                       LES DIABLES ROUGES 
S9094     FX51        F-104G                       1ER WG TT/SLIVERS 
S9114     FX68        F-104G                       1ER WG TT/SLIVERS 
S9115     FX69        F-104G                       1ER WG TT/SLIVERS 
13x                   G91PAN                       313GRUPPO AA/FRECCE, coded '1'-'13' 
MM6448    8-15        G91Y                         8STORMO/101GRUPPO 
MM54239   39          MB326G                       SVBIAA 
MM..      46-35       C-119J                       46AEROBRIGATA/2GRUP 
MM52-6007 46-87       C-119G                       46AEROBRIGATA/98GRU 
104806    806         CF104G                       CAG 
51-8728   DT728       T-33A                        ATF 
351013    A013        S35XD                        ESK.725 
66-9209   MU-K        F-5A                         SKV.338 
67-14908  DP-Y        F-5B                         SKV.718 

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