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Friedrichshafen 2015

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Date: 8-8-2015
43+98 Tornado IDS TLG 33  
50+86 C-160DL TG 61  
D-EBAT Do27A-4 57+23  
D-EBKL Do27B-1 56+68  
D-EBXF L-18C 96+32  
D-ECAX SF23B Sperling    
D-EDCV Do27A-4 56+82  
D-EDPZ Do27A-3 56+69  
D-EEAZ P149D 92+25  
D-EEPN Do27A-4 56+87  
D-EFFB Do27A-1 56+04  
D-EFJL Bo209 Airbus Group  
D-EFQV Do27B-1 55+45  
D-EGWD Pützer Elster B 97+18  
D-EHCD L-18C ex RNLAF L-63  
D-EHMA Do27A-4 56+80  
D-EHSC Ce140    
D-EIBE Do27A-1 56+34  
D-EIVE Do27A-1 56+46  
D-EJJJ Do27B-1 55+59  
D-EKOK Klemm Kl 107C    
D-EKUI Do27A-4 Museum, ex 55+83  
D-EMBB Do27B-1 56+32  
D-EMKA Do27B-1 55+32  
D-EMNQ Do27B-1 Airbus Group, ex 56+30  
D-EMOW PA-18    
D-ENEF J3C Cub    
D-EOGE P149D 91+04  
D-EOZY Do27B-1 55+77  
D-FPSI P-51D ex USAAF 44-72773  
D-FWJM An-2TD    
D-HMMO R44 BHF Bodensee-Helicopter  
D-HWAL AB47G-4A US Army c/s (ex MM80504)
D-INKA DH104 LTUClassicTFC(exWB531)  
D-1636 Me163BS Messerschmitt-Stiftung  
HB-EJJ MS505 Swiss AF A-99 c/s  
HB-ERO Fairchild 24R ex RAF HB653  
HB-HOT Ju 52/3m Ju-Air Rimowa c/s(exA-702)  
LY-FUN Yak-52 Russian c/s  
N1567D Ce195A    
N3972E SNJ-5 ex US Navy BuNo 43972  
N68296 PT-17 ex USAAF 40-1797  
NC8877 Travel Air 4000 Pacific Air Transport Air Mail  
NC17360 Ryan STA Special    
NC18442 SR-9C Reliant Gullwing Airlines  
NC86934 Bellanca 14-13-2 Cruisair Senior    
OE-FAS Alpha Jet A Flying Bulls Tiger (ex 40+90)
T7-FMA PC-7 ex Swiss A-907  
T7-FUN PC-7 ex Swiss A-909  
YL-LEI An-2 Antonov Club Avianna  
Fly-By Fliegermuseum Altenrhein:
HB-KIU (ex 91+53) P149D Swissair Luftverkehrssch.  
HB-RBG N2S-5 ex USN 61224  
HB-TUG Chipmunk T10 ex RAF WP847  
HB-UUY Bü 131/APM ex Swiss A-3  
LY-HLZ Yak-52 Russian c/s  
N848AD Pilatus P3-05 ex Swiss A-848  


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