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Hannover 1982

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Date: 17 May 1982

Made by:


M7403     26+57           F-104G                       MFG2 
          98+03           TORNADO                      EST61 
GS019     43+41           TORNADO                      EST61 
72-1162   37+52           F-4F                         nn 
69-7...   35+             RF-4E                        nn 
          16+05           HFB320                       FBSTBMVTG 
4104      58+29           DO28D2                       LTG61 
4109      58+34           DO28D2                       LTG61 
4113      58+38           DO28D2                       LTG62 
8118      70+58           UH-1D                        HTG64 
8162      71+02           UH-1D                        HTG64 
8189      71+29           UH-1D                        HTG64 
10157     C 7             F27M-300                     NO.334 SQN 
10162     C12             F27M-300                     NO.334 SQN 
          CF06            MERLIN III                   15EME WG/21SMALDEEL 
XX818     CC              JAGUAR GR.1                  NO.20 SQN 
                          BUCCANER S2B                 NO.   SQN 
                          HARRIER GR.3                 NO. 
XV195                     HERCULES C.1                 LY.TAC.WG 
XV202                     HERCULES C.1                 LY.TAC.WG 
XV219                     HERCULES C.1                 LY.TAC.WG 
XV300                     HERCULES C.1                 LY.TAC.WG 
XV305                     HERCULES C.1                 LY.TAC.WG 
 93       312-BH          N2501                        GI312 
          MJ              N260                         CEV 

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