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Dahlemer Binz 2007

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Date: 4/5 August 2007

Made by: Scramble


50+07 		C-160D 		LTG61
D-EBUT 		SV-4C 		c/n 304
D-EDCK 		SV-4C 		c/n 540
D-EDUR 		SF260 		as Belgium "ST26"
D-EEGD +3 	P149D 		ex Germany 92+18
D-EGIT "AS+411" P149D 		ex Germany 91+78
D-EODN 		SV-4C 		ex France 113
D-ERDA 		SV-4C 		c/n 599
D-FAIR 		An-2 		Classic Wings
D-FAME "LE-W" 	Harvard Mk4 	ex Canada 20286
D-FOAB 		PZL-106AR 	as/ex DDR-TAB
D-FUKK 		Harvard Mk4 	ex Canada 20255
D-GASA 		Aero 145 	Classic Wings
D-HLTC 		EC155B 		Bundespolizei
D-HVBI 		EC135T1 	Bundespolizei
EC-DKX 		CASA 1.131 	ex Spain E.3B-412
G-BWTG 		Chipmunk T10 	ex WB671/910
N383DK 		SV-4C 		ex France 383
N746BJ 		PT-17 		as USN 337
N7646S "CK" 	SNJ-4 		ex SAAF 7646
NC81390 	Fairchild24W46
With more than 1000 meters of runway (and 30 meters width)
this is a real airfield in the Northern part of the Eifel near the city
of Dahlem. The airfield is used by gliders en small civil aircraft,
which were also attending this event in large numbers (but not
mentioned in the above list). Also E.I.S. Aircraft GmbH has its
main office here with three hangars.

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