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Hahn 1980

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Date: 27 July 1980

Made by:


68-0476   HR          F-4E                         50TFW/313TFS 
68-0530   HR          F-4E                         50TFW/10TFS 
72-1479   HR          F-4E                         50TFW 
72-1489   HR          F-4E                         50TFW 
74-1622   HR          F-4E                         50TFW 
74-1623   HR          F-4E                         50TFW 
74-1629   HR          F-4E                         50TFW 
74-1635   HR          F-4E                         50TFW 
68-0553   AR          RF-4C                        10TRW 
68-0056   UH          F-111E                       20TFW/77TFS 
77-0264   AR          A-10A                        81TFW 
78-0603   AR          A-10A                        81TFW 
79-0020   CR          F-15C                        32TFS/17AF 
74-01553  53          F-5E                         10TRW/527TFTAS 
67-14701              OV-10A                       601TCW/20TASS 
69-6608               UH-1N                        7086OS 
70-15988              AH-1S 
72-1272   38+62       F-4F                         JABOG35 
M7304     26+44       F-104G                       JABOG31 
351014    A014        A35XD                        ESK.725 
          T404        MFI17                        ESK. 
K3007                 NF-5A                        NO.315 SQN 
22        13-PB       MIRAGE M5F                   EC2/13 ALPES 
WR960     60          SHACKLETON AEW.2             NO.8 SQN 
WV372     85          HUNTER T.MK.7                STN.FLT. 
XV792     AN          HARRIER GR.MK3               NO.3 SQN 
XV809     CJ          HARRIER GR.MK3               NO.4 SQN 
XZ381     CD          JAGUAR GR.MK.1               NO.20 SQN 
XX957     CG          JAGUAR GR.MK.1               NO.20 SQN 
XZ378     CH          JAGUAR GR.MK.1               NO.20 SQN 
XZ384     CM          JAGUAR GR.MK.1               NO.20 SQN 
XZ394     CQ          JAGUAR GR.MK.1               NO.20 SQN 
XX303     303         HAWK T.MK.1                  NO.1 TWU 

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