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Rhein-Main 1981

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Date: 17 May 1981

Made by:


XZ361/20 	Jaguar GR.1 	No.2 Sqdn.
403/2-LB  	Mirage IIIE 	EC 3/2
15/30-MS  	Mirage F.1C 	EC 2/30
2607 		F-104G 		JaboG.33
5810 		Do.28D 		JaboG.33
3842 		F-4F 		JaboG.35
4030 		Alpha Jet 	JaboG.49
3564 		RF-4E 		AG.51
68-3811 (-) 	OV-10A 		20th TASS
63-7885 	C-130E 		37th TAS
68-0599/ZR (-) 	RF-4C 		38th TRS
71-0879 	C-9A 		55th AAS
61-0653 	CT-39A 		58th MAS
69-6608 	UH-1N 		67th ARRS
69-0259/SP (y) 	F-4G 		81st TFS
66-8307 	C-5A 		436th MAW
66-0140 	C-141A 		438th MAW
70-2412/LN (r) 	F-111F 		494th TFS
77-0235/WR 	A-10A 		509th TFS
74-1543 	F-5E 		527th TFTAS
68-10932 	CH-53C 		601st TASS
63-8885 	KC-135A 	904th ARS/320th BW
158567/LA-6 	P-3C 		VP-5
70-15988 	AH-1S 		8th CAB/B.Co.
67-17804 	UH-1H 		8th CAB
71-20132 	UH-1H 		63rd Med.Co.
69-17019 	OV-1D 		73rd C.I.Co.
74-22327 	UH-1H 		173rd Av.Co.
74-22283 	CH-47C 		295th Av.Co.
66-16485 	UH-1H 		503rd ABC/ A.Co.

C-10 		F-27M 		No.334 Sqdn.
79-0061/BT (r) 	F-15C 		22nd TFS
79-0036/BT (mlt)F-15C 		525th TFS
77-0261/WR 	A-10A 		509th TFS
64-0502		C-130E 		37th TAS
68-10935	C-130E 		37th TAS
68-10947	C-130E 		37th TAS
69-6583		C-130E 		37th TAS
70-1274		C-130E 		37th TAS

37th TAS area:
68-10944	C-130E 		37th TAS
69-6582		C-130E 		37th TAS
70-1264		C-130E 		37th TAS
70-1271		C-130E 		37th TAS
62-1822		C-130E 		7405th OS
62-1828		C-130E 		7405th OS
76-0171 	C-12A 		58th MAS
62-4453 	T-39A 		1868th FCS

Flying only:
104735		CF-104 		
104756          CF-104 		
104839          CF-104 		
2x              CF-104 		

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