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Jesenwang 2001

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Date: 3 October 2001

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D-ECCC 			Casa 1.131E Jungmann 	ex E.3B-630 unofficial Privat c/n: 2230
D-EFTX/475 		PT 17A 			Jesenwang, Army 75 2101, BuNo: 30038, Belgian 
						Army, Feb.1941 as A 75N-1  c/n 75-3475
D-EHHT 			DH.82 Tiger Moth 	ex DE 482 c/n: 85478/E-3
D-EFYX 			Ryan Navion 		US Air Force mks  c/n: NAV 4-1385, never in military use!!
D-EBVG "XX015" 		SIAT 223A1 		ex Swissair, RAF mks  c/n: 012, never in military use!!
D-EMAX 			FW 44J Stieglitz 	ex Swed AF Fv.631, SE-AWT, D-EFUD, D-EMIL, D-EMIQ  c/n: 83
D-ETHL "N6470" 		DH.82 Tiger Moth
N662DB "33888" 		T-6 Super Six 		"338888 / NACA"  c/n: CCF-4-71
D-EEPN 			Do-27A-4 		ex D-EJIG, PL+435, QW-709, QA+101, 56+87  c/n: 395
LY-CPT 			Yak 50
N6593D "493357/PG18" 	T-6G  			"Miss Goosebay", Navy mks, rebuilt AT-6C 42-43899,
						ex Spain AF E.16-109 c/n: 168-471
D-EGVN 			Do-27A-4 (Do-27J-1) 	ex Do-27J-1 D-9 (Belg. Army), OL-D09 (Belg. Army 16 Sm.),
						D-09/OT-AHM, to Do-27A-4, 7P-AAX (Lesotho Police), G-BNVX c/n 2106

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