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Hannover 1980

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Date: 30 April 1980

Made by:

Updated: 25 May 2000

	  22+51	      F-104G
M7155     22+74       F-104G                       MFG1 
	  30+90	      G91R
69-7523   35+76       RF-4E                        AKG52 
72-1267   38+57       F-4F                         JABOG36 
          40+16       ALPHA JET                    JABOG49 
          40+22       ALPHA JET                    JABOG49 
10x                   ALPHA JET                    (FLYING FROM WUNSTORF) 
GT002     43+02       TORNADO                      EST61 
          98+03       TORNADO                      EST61 
          98+04       TORNADO                      EST61 
2         61+01       BR1151                       MFG3 
D60       50+38       C160D                        LTG62 
4137      58+62       DO28D2                       JABOG36 
4139      58+64       DO28D2                       JABOG36 
4191      59+16       DO28D2                       MFG5 
	  70+76	      UH-1D			   SAR
	  71+98	      UH-1D
	  76+24	      Alouette 2
	  84+53	      CH-53G			   SAR
	  86+03	      Bo105P
77-0261   WR	      A-10A
78-0583   WR	      A-10A
67-                   C-5A                         43.MAW ? 
71-0881		      C-9
77-0353               E-3B                         552AC&CW 
76-0025   BT          F-15A                        36TFW/525TFS 
76-0041   BT          F-15A                        36TFW/525TFS 
76-0056   BT          F-15A                        36TFW/525TFS 
70-2377   LN          F-111F                       48TFW 
XW763     K	      HARRIER
XW764     C	      HARRIER
XX227                 HAWK T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XX252                 HAWK T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XX253                 HAWK T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XX260                 HAWK T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XX262                 HAWK T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XX264                 HAWK T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XX266                 HAWK T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XV221                 HERCULES C.MK.1              LTW 
XZ370     BN	      JAGUAR
XZ381     BH          JAGUAR GR.MK.1               NO.17 SQN 
XT603     BT	      WESSEX
XR505     BS	      WESSEX
11x       V.          CM170R                       GI312-PDF 
67		      N262			   French AF
94		      N262			   French AF
 ..       312-B.      N2501                        GI312 
 ..       D/BLUE      S105OE                       KARO AS 
 ..       E/BLUE      S105OE                       KARO AS 
 ..       F/BLUE      S105OE                       KARO AS 
 ..       H/BLUE      S105OE                       KARO AS 
 ..       D/YE        S105OE                       1.JABOG 

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