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Kiel-Holtenau 2008

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Date: 28 June 2008

Made by: Scramble


RS05 		Sea King Mk48 	40 sm
M-514 		Merlin Mk512 	Esk 722
U-279 		Sea King Mk61A 	Esk 722
148 		SA321G 		32F
MM80976/15-03 	HH-3F 		85° Centro SAR
25 bl 		Mi-8T 		Sraigtasparniu Esk.
0906 		W-3WARM 	28.elMW
ZA134 		Sea King HU5SAR 771 sq 
71+18           UH-1D 		LTG63            
82+01           AS.532U2 	FBS BMVg      
83+09           Sup Lynx Mk88A 	MFG3  
86+93           Bo105P 		HFS900          
89+67           Sea King Mk41 	MFG5     
89+69           Sea King Mk41 	MFG5     
D-HEGP 		AS332L1 	Bundespolizei

89+54, 89+57 	Sea King Mk41 	MFG5
89+63 		Sea King Mk41 	MFG5
89+64 		Sea King Mk41 	MFG5 (spec s/c)
D-HARO 		Bo105CBS-4 	Heli Ser. Hamburg

MFG5 hangar Sea King Mk41:
89+50, 89+56, 89+61, 89+61, 89+62, 89+65,
89+66, 89+70, 89+71
89+61 was in old colours and used as an Instructional airframe

22+92 		F-104G 		pres as 26+72
59+14 		Do28D-2
80+52 		H-34G-III

Flying on civil airport:
D-IRES 		Do28D-2 	as 59+11

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