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Hahn 2000

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Date: 24 June 2000

Made by: C. Baumgaertner


44+63       	Tornado         JBG33
81-0984/SP  	A-10A          	52FW/81FS
91-0408/SP  	F-16CJ         	52FW/23FS
91-0410/SP  	F-16CJ         	52FW/23FS
D-CDLH         	Ju-52           ex GAF  WNr.5489
D-EAML        	MS.500        	ex FrAF 751   in GAF c/o "EA+ML"
D-EBEI         	Me-108D       	ex GAF  WNr.2246
D-EEGN       	Bü.131          ex SpanAF  E.3B-351
D-EGRM       	Bü.131         	ex SpanAF  E.3B-543
D-FKMC       	An-2T           ex LSK 454
D-FUKK        	T-6             ex ?     in USAF c/o
F-AZOK        	Yak C11       	ex EgyptAF ....    in SovietAF c/o "37"
F-GKGJ        	DH.82A        	ex ?
F-GMEE       	PC-7            ex SAAF T-400
G-ASJV        	Spitfire LFIXB 	ex RAF  MH434/ZD-B
G-BGPB       	T-6J            ex PortAF  1747
G-BTCD        	P-51D           ex USAF 44-73149  as "463221"/E2-Z
G-BWGT       	Jet Provost T4  ex RAF XR679
G-BXUL        	FG-1D           ex RNZAF  NZ5648
G-TROY       	T-28A           ex FrAF 142/51-7692
HB-RCP       	T-6             ex ?  in RAF c/o "FS728"
LY-SKY        	Yak-52          ex DOSAAF
N69H            Beech D17      	ex USAAF
N6365T         	C-45H           ex USAF  52-10687
N68987         	PT-17           ex USArmy 42-16890
ZK-RMH       	P-40E           ex RNZAF  NZ3009
JY-RNA		Extra 300	Royal Jordanian Falcons
JY-RND		Extra 300	Royal Jordanian Falcons
JY-RNE		Extra 300	Royal Jordanian Falcons
JY-RNG		Extra 300	Royal Jordanian Falcons

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