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Damgarten 1994

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Date: 15 March 1994

Made by: Scramble


4342410/95 red        An-12BP      226OSAP
9303/15 red           An-26        226OSAP
94541/19 red          Mi-8MT       239OGVP
94638/21 red          Mi-8MT       239OGVP
3532434216937/26 yel. Mi-24P       337OVP
59075502/60           MiG-23UB     773IAP
05571/05 white        MiG-29'A'    773IAP
RA-86025              IL-76MD      Aeroflot

75504/70              MiG-23UB     773IAP
65761/25 red          Tu-134A      226OSAP
MiG-29's 773IAP: 10836/01,05568/04,05577/07,05561/09
                 + the following codes: 02,03,21,23,24,25,32,42,45,48,53
MiG-29UB 773IAP: N80903001052/80 
		 + the following codes: 66, 74
Underlined MiG-29 construction numbers were logged during the departure
of the Fulcrums from Damgarten.

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