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Roth 2013

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Roth Open day
Date: 28 July 2013
73+37 UH-1D nm (THR 30)  
74+28 Tiger UHT KHR 36  
79+03 NH.90 nn (HSG 64 badge)  
84+54 CH-53G HSG 64 (MTHR 25 badge)  
86+06, 86+63 Bo105P1 KHR 26  
86+28, 88+12 Bo105P1 demod KHR 36 $
86+49, 87+28 Bo105P1 KHR 26 $
87+85 Bo105P1 demod KHR 26 (nm)  
D-HBPF EC.135P2+ Polizei Bayern  
Static, on trailer near crane:
(87+49) Bo105P1 std  
Halle B:
86+73 Bo105P1 KHR 26 (nm)  
87+75, (87+48), (87+59) Bo105P1 std  
88+10 Bo105P1 demod KHR 26  
(86+14), (87+10) Bo105P1 wfu, for sale by Vebeg  
(86+67), (87+97) Bo105P1 demod wfu, for sale by Vebeg  
(87+46) Bo105P1 std (HFUS 1 badge)  
(87+58) Bo105P1 demod std  
(80+47) Bo.105M wfu, ex i/a (“74+45”)  
“D-DOKU” Bo.105CB “Polizei” (ex D-HMUK, cn S232)  
Halle C:
86+11, 86+13, 86+50 Bo105P1 demod KHR 26  
86+15 Bo105P1 demod nn (D/F HFAZT badge)  
86+56, 86+68, 86+85 Bo105P1 demod KHR 26  
86+88, 86+97, 87+19 Bo105P1 KHR 26  
87+26, 87+70 Bo105P1 demod KHR 26  
88+04 Bo105P1 KHR 26  
Halle E:
86+22, 87+72 Bo105P1 demod KHR 26  
86+30 Bo105P1 KHR 26  
(86+32), 87+05, (88+11) Bo105P1 std  
Halle 63:
(86+02), (86+69) Bo105P1 wfu, for sale by Vebeg  
(86+53), (86+76) Bo105P1 demod wfu, for sale by Vebeg  
(86+86), (87+22) Bo105P1 demod wfu, for sale by Vebeg  
(86+96), (88+08) Bo105P1 std  
(87+20), (87+90) Bo105P1 wfu, for sale by Vebeg  
Near tower:
D-HBPD EC.135P2+ Polizei Bayern  
87+92 Bo105P pres, spec KHR 26 c/s  
This very last and small open day at Roth was organised by the KHR26 regiment that will be disbanded soon. At the time of the open day, only one “Abteilung” was still flying the Bo105. The static was small without any fences around the helicopters. Taking decent pictures was rather difficult because of all the people in and around the helicopters. Nice were the four special painted Bo105s on the static. The hangars contained a lot more Bo105s which could be easily seen through the various windows. A lot of Bo105s that will be disposed off, went to Roth for disarmament and preparation for sale to the civil market by Vebeg. All serials in between brackets were painted out on the Bo’s, but were confirmed by the serial on the paper and/or by the base list(s). All (original) subtypes that are underlined were looked up from our database. Around September a fly out is planned and maintenance/disarmament work will stop around the end of this year. What a shame to close this airfield with all these brand new hangars and facilities.


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