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Fassberg 2013

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Fassberg Aerospace day
Date: 7-9-2013
Main static line:
5D-HR AB212lT HSSta/2 Staffel  
30+90 EF2000 JBG31 $
46+57 Tornado ECR AG51  
50+73 C160D LTG62 $
60+01 P-3C MFG3  
73+60 UH-1D n.m. (THR10)  
74+03 TIGER UHT TSLw-3 i/a  
79+03 NH90-TTH THR10 HSG64 badge  
82+56 EC135T 1HFWS  
83+04 Sup Lynx Mk88A MFG3  
D-103 CH-47D 298sq $
Q-17 AH-64DN 301sq  
D-FGMT PC-9B EIS Aircraft  
D-HLTQ EC155B-1 BundesPolizei6920 i/a
F-ZWWY Tigre HAP TSLw3  
Static on TSLw-3 platform:
87+12 Bo105P1demod  TSLw3 i/a i/a
(37+10) F-4F TSLw3 i/a
(43+41) Tornado IDS TSLw3 ex 86+35
“D-HELP” Bo105P1 7 Wing i/a ex 55+56
D-EFAU Do-27B-1 TSLw3 ex 96+25
D-ECGH L-18C   ex 53+10 
“D-CARL” L-410UVP-S 7 Wing  
In front of hangar 9?:
(71+16) UH-1D TSLw3 i/a  
75+01 SE3130 Travel Exh.(HFWS mrks)  
78+04 NH90-TTH TSLw3 i/a  
84+11 CH53G TSLw3 i/a  
87+56 Bo105P1 TSLw3 i/a  
  Tigre HAP TSLw3 i/a, no tail  
On a paper attached to the Tigre the c/n PT-2 was mentioned but this c/n belongs to the F-ZWWY that was on the static.
The Tiger was build from spare parts and was used as instructional airframe in the past. It is no longer used as instruction tool and only comes out when someone retires or has a special celebration. He or She will be put in the helicopter and towed around the airbase
In front of Tiger hangar:
2002/BHI Tigre HAP TSLw3 i/a
74+08 Tiger UHT TSLw3  
Hangar 8:
(86+18), 86+23, 86+72 Bo105P1 TSLw3 i/a
86+83, 87+71 Bo105P1 TSLw3 i/a “1978, Jimmy”
? Bo105CT TSLw3  
Probably the Bo105CT is the former 98+21.
Hangar 9:
78+11, 87+12 NH90-TTH nb (THR10)  
79+24 NH90-TTH nb  
Hangar 10:
71+83 UH-1D nb (THR10)  
Hangar 11:
472 MiG-21SPS-K nose only  
32+31 G91R/3 travelling exhibit?  
72+95 UH-1D nb (THR10)  
Hangar 12:
78+05 NH90-TTH TSLw3  
79+04 NH90-TTH nb  
Tiger hangar
98+16 Tiger UHT TSLw-3 i/a, black c/s
98+25 Tiger UHT TSLw-3  
Hangar ?
GS0067 EF-2000 Part of fuselage only  
On a paper the c/n GS0067 was mentioned.
In sheds near South entrance:
40+34 Alpha Jet A std  
(43+11)/G-30 Tornado IDS std, tail only  
(71)+43 UH-1D std  
71+44 UH-1D std, tailboom only (on radio plate)
(71+89) UH-1D std  
(87+07) Bo105P1 std 6107  
Fire training area:
(43+03) Tornado IDS i/a,tail of 43+05/G-24  
71+63 UH-1D i/a  
84+21 CH-53G i/a  
40+29 Alpha Jet A dumped  
(80+51) Bo105M dumped, 5081 on Engine HEER c/s
1x Bo105 dumped bare metal
1x Bo105 dumped fuselage only
1x Br1150 dumped  
Part of the serial on the Br1150 looks like +01, but this needs confirmation.
72+27, 72+64, 73+63 UH-1D nm (THR10)  
78+14, 74+15 NH90-TTH nm (THR10)  
32+32 G91R/3 at gate as “31+05”  
72+85 UH-1D at gate  
6068 C-47B at gate as “315208”  

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