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Stadtlohn 2006

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Date: 24 September 2006

Made by: Scramble, Ronny Jansen


D-EDUR			SF260		as Belgium "ST26"      
D-EEJA	                Yak-50		nn                     
D-ESKS	                L-18C		ex France 181427       
D-FOAB	                PZL-106AR	as/ex "DDR-TAB"
D-GASA	                Aero 145	nn             
D-HBEE	                H269C		nn                     
D-IEHB	                Beech 95	nn             
D-INKA	                Devon C2	ex UK WB531    
F-AZPU "3182"		P3-05		ex Swiss A-827 
N228AC			T-28B	        ex Bu140025    
OO-ATY			L-18C	        ex Belgium L147
PH-RPV			Bo105C	        Klpd           
PH-TAT			Slepcev Storch	as "A2+BL"
PH-VCY			L-21B		ex KLu R-111
RA-44501		Mi-2		5210510018
Plus a large number of light civil aircraft.

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