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Manching 2000

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Date: 23 September 2000

Made by: Scramble


Static (outside):
LX-N90456	E-3A		NAEW&CF
(2049)		F-104G		i/a	coded '10'
(4001)		Alpha Jet A	i/a	coded '13'
5049		C-160D		LTG61
5057		C-160D		WTD61
5638		Do27A-1		i/a
6101		Br1150		wfu
7162		UH-1D		WTD61
8401		CH-53G		WTD61
(9815)		Su-22M-4	i/a	coded '1'
(9816)		Su-22UM-3K	i/a	coded '2'
9878		Do228-201	WTD61

Static (in hangar 1):
1608		HFB320		i/a
2904		MiG-29G		JG73
3715		F-4F		WTD61
4529		Tornado IDS	WTD61
8474		CH-53G		nmk
8617		Bo105P1		HFVS910
9803		Tornado ECR	WTD61
(9804)		F-104G		i/a
(9817)		Su-22M-4	i/a	coded '14'
9829		EF2000		EADS
9859		Tornado IDS	WTD61
D-ESBH		Bf.108B-1
D-FMBB		HA.112MIL	ex C.4K-..
D-IFCC		CM170		ex 9302
D-IWMS		HA.200 Saeta	ex A.10B-67

9825		Tiger		WTD61

Behind hangar 1 on parkingplace:
5877		Do28D-2		dump	fuselage only

Hangar 2:
5053		C-160D		LTG61
5108		C-160D		WTD61

Hangar 3:
8402		CH-53G		WTD61
8784		Bo105P1		HFVS910
9879		Tornado ECR	WTD61

At SAR station:
7159		UH-1D		nmk (LTG61)

Ramp in front of hangar 3:
D-EHMA		Do27A-4		ex 5680
D-ELTY		Elster B	ex 9706
D-EDKR		FwP149D		ex 9075
D-EBYX		L-18C		ex 9626
And alos some small civil aircraft.

DASA area:
2521		F-104G		preserved
3x		C-160D		nn
D-COSA		HFB320		stored
9066?		FwP149D		stored, silver c/s

DA129		F-104G		dumped
2008		F-104G		pres WTD61 
2104		F-104G		pres EADS as "2521"
5035		C-160D		LTG62 spec c/s	+2

Serials between brackets were actually overpainted on the aircraft, however well visible.

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