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Nörvenich 1993

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Tag der Offenen Tür 11-12 September 1993    
Date: 11 September 1993
Made by: Frank Klaster, Steve Parker
Updated: 21 April 2000, 8 January 2016
BA54 Mirage VBA 42sm  
FA121 F-16A 1sm  
FA136 F-16A 2sm  
AR-111 S-35XD Esk 729  
AT-160 Sk-35XD Esk 729  
234/13-QL Mirage F-1CT EC3/13  
357/3-JF Mirage 2000N EC2/3  
524/3-XH Mirage IIIE EC3/3  
10+22 A310-304 FBS BMVg  
41+56 Alpha Jet A JBG49  
75+50 Alouette II HFR15  
75+83 Alouette II HFS12  
10+01 B707-329C FBS BMVg  
87+26 Bo-105P nn  
87+29 Bo-105P nn  
99+34 Canberra B2 BGA  
38+39 F-4F JG72  
99+11 G-91T    
70+87 UH-1D HTG64  
53+10 L410-UVPT FBS BMVg  
93+52 Mi-8S FBS BMVg  
29+22 Mig-29UB JG73  
44+29 Tornado IDS JBG31  
43+58 Tornado IDS MFG1  
46+32 Tornado ECR JBG38  
LX-N90444 E-3A NAEWF  
J-209 F-16B 315sq  
MM7156/2-22 AMX 14°Gr  
MM7147/2-20 AMX 14°Gr  
MM6844/37-23 F-104S 18°Gr/37°St  
MM6916/37-03 F-104S 18°Gr/37°St  
C.15-15/15-02 EF-18A Ala 15  
C.15-40/15-27 EF-18A Ala 15  
2066/8-066 F-104G 181 Filo  
5926/8-926 TF-104G 181 Filo  
ZG858/CB Harrier GR7 4sq  
XW226/BY Puma HC1 18sq  
ZE168/EB Tornado F3 23sq  
ZE908/FC Tornado F3 25sq  
60-0012/GR B-52H 416th BW  
91-0319/LN F-15E 494th FS  
68-0068/UH F-111E 55th FS  
41+38 Alpha Jet A JBG41  
50+09 C-160D LTG62  
58+41 Do-28D JBG31  
37+24 F-4F JG72  
38+49 F-4F JG72  
35+09 RF-4E AG52  
70+71 UH-1D    
71+11 UH-1D HTG64  
93+45 Mi-8S FBS BMVg  
29+21 MiG-29A JG73  
91+86 P-149 JBG31  
35+40 RF-4E AG2  
98+17 Su-17M-4 WTD-61  
43+19 Tornado IDS JBG31  
43+29 Tornado IDS JBG31  
43+92 Tornado IDS JBG31  
43+94 Tornado IDS JBG31  
43+97 Tornado IDS JBG31  
43+99 Tornado IDS JBG31  
44+00 Tornado IDS JBG31  
44+06 Tornado IDS JBG31  
44+48 Tornado IDS JBG31  
44+09 Tornado IDS JBG31  
44+21 Tornado IDS JBG31  
44+23 Tornado IDS JBG31  
44+27 Tornado IDS JBG31  
44+31 Tornado IDS JBG31  
44+32 Tornado IDS JBG31  
44+48 Tornado IDS JBG31  
44+49 Tornado IDS JBG31  
44+75 Tornado IDS JBG33  
44+82 Tornado IDS JBG31  

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